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Courtney Conlogue (USA) is on a back-to-back victory streak following her win at the Oi Rio Women's Pro. She won the previous event at Margaret River in sizable conditions at Main Break, and continued to execute high-performance power surfing in smaller conditions at Rio's Barra da Tijuca.

But while Conlogue's Margaret River Magic Board was a 6'5 step-up, her Rio ride was a whopping nine inches shorter, proving that she can excel in the wide range of conditions on the Championship Tour. Conlogue's shaper Tim Stamps offers another inside look at Conlogue's day-to-day surfboard of choice.

Conlogue's Postinho Power Hook
Courtney Conlogue's small-wave power punch in Rio.

Shaper: Tim Stamps, Stamps Surfboards
Model: Courtney Conlogue Shaper's Choice
Dimension: 5'8" x 18.7" x 2.2"
Tail: Squash
Volume: 24.4L

World Surf League: This is Courtney's second win in a row, but in very different conditions than the previous event at Margaret River. How was her Rio board different, aside from length?
Tim Stamps: Margaret's and Brazil beachbreaks are two very different types of waves, that's for sure. For Brazil we made a couple different versions of her usual beachbreak boards. Same basic board with a different rocker line.

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WSL: What aspects of the board Courtney was using at the Oi Rio Women's Pro allowed her signature style to shine?
TS: Courtney is really strong and real solid, pushing hard through her board. We've found a good combination of width, rocker and contours that allow her to not have to hold back!

Courtney Conlogue - Rio Magic Board Conlogue's board from the Final in Rio. - WSL

WSL: She said she buckled a board during the Quarterfinals against Malia Manuel (HAW). Is that common for her?
TS: This year Rio was a pretty solid pumping beachbreak most of the event and was pretty tough on the boards. Usually she doesn't break or crease too many boards, but when they are glassed light and the waves have power it happens. We always try to make sure her go-to boards always have a backup that's ready to go so she won't have to compromise what she wants to ride during a heat. We've been making quite a few boards this year to make sure we have everything covered as well as putting new designs in the mix.

WSL: How often do you send two of the same exact board to a contest so that in the event she breaks one she has a duplicate of the one she's riding? Or are they all slightly different in dimensions?
TS: We usually do duplicates of her favorites and do a couple of the same basic board, but with a couple of subtle tweaks that may suit the local conditions. This board was a new one I designed for her and threw in the mix. ...I call these "shaper's choice" selections. Sometimes they click, sometimes they don't. Pretty sure this one will stay in the rotation now.

Courtney Conlogue on her way to a Quarterfinal win. A clear indication of why Conlogue buckles boards. - WSL / Kelly Cestari

WSL: Do you and Courtney check in after events?
TS: We are always in contact on what boards are working well, what boards may have a hiccup, and any that are damaged. Courtney is really good at giving feedback on what she's feeling so I can analyze and refine the designs. I keep very detailed records on all the boards so we always know where we are and what's feeling best.

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WSL: Looking toward Fiji, Courtney hasn't competed there in a quite a few years, since she was injured last year when the event returned to the schedule. What will she likely be riding out there?
TS: I'm pretty excited to see the women in Fiji again, and I know Courtney is super excited to get out there and get in the mix this time! I just finished up her Fiji quiver and there's a mix of boards in the 5'10" through 6'6" range. She'll be bringing these and a mix of other boards we've made that suit that type of water and waves.

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