The 2015 Fiji Pro and Fiji Women's Pro saw major upsets, pumping waves and history made. Among the women, Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) overcame a punctured eardrum and incredible pain to battle her way to the top of the podium. Among the men, Owen Wright (AUS) came back from a lackluster start to absolutely dominate: He scored two perfect, 20-point heats and won the event. But while the action is done and the surfers have gone home, the music from the broadcast brings it all back.

Finish Ticket

Finish Ticket - In the Summer
On the final day of action for the Fiji Women's Pro, Sally Fitzgibbons overcame serious injury to surf her way to a win.

Formed in 2008, San Francisco-based band Finish Ticket -- featuring brothers Michael (bass) and Brendan (vocals) Hoye; guitarist Alex DiDonato; and brothers Gabe (drums) and Nick (keys) Stein -- practically fell into a major record deal in 2013, according to Paste Magazine. The next year the band hit the road for a 9-month U.S. tour in a shiny new van, to the delight of their growing fan base.

Track details: "In The Summer" is Courtesy of Atlantic Recording Corp. By arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing.

Finish Ticket - Numb
See the action that led to Owen Wright's history-making, second perfect heat.

With a soulful, pop-rock feel, the quintet has been building a steady following among both music lovers and music media: They've played everywhere from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City to the famous Fillmore in San Francisco. The band has been dubbed "Best of What's Next" by Paste and has appeared on and myriad music blogs.

So what's next for the young stars? "There's still uncertainty that we're going to succeed," DiDonato told Paste. "But now we have made the decision and have to roll with all the things that have to happen before you can succeed."

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