Momoto Tsuzuki claims 2015 "GoPro junior Surfing Games" CHAMPION!

Momoto Tsuzuki claims 2015 "GoPro junior Surfing Games" CHAMPION!

Ichinomiya, Chosei, Chiba (Sunday, August 2nd , 2015)

2015 WSL JAPAN TOUR EVENT 4"GoPro Junior Surfing Games" commenced today AUG.1st (SAT) and crowned the champions today AUG. 2nd (SUN) at Tsurigasaki Beach (AKA Shida Shita Point), Ichinomiya, Chiba.

The conditions at Tsurigasaki Beach this morning were 1 to 2 ft. with clean surfaces and supper clear and super hot summer weather.

At first call at 6:30AM, Event organizer called the athletes to get in action for final day all the way to crown the champions today.

In the grand finals for the U-20 Men's, 4 athletes fight for the champion. They are Yuji Mori, Kan Watanabe, Reo Inaba, Momoto Tsuzuki.

Inaba the only local surfer in the best 4 surfers

On the Semi Final Heat 1 Kan Watanabe score a 9.00 and back up point 7.65 total 16.65 then round up to final. And on the semi final heat 2 Tsuzuki score a7.80 and 4.75 total 12.55 made final. At the grand final 25 min heat dose Watanabe scoring a 5.75 and 5.00 total 10.75, and Tuszuki had a score 6.00 and back up 5.90 point total 11.90. Momoto Tsuzuki took 2015 GoPro Junior Games champion!

"Thank you very much for watching my surfing game yesterday and today. I was focusing only to win the event. I am so happy it happened. I tried to focus on the outer breaks. I have never had a solid result at the WJC yet. This year again I will do the best to qualify and focus to get a solid result and qualify for the QS10,000 events for the 2016 season. Thank you all once again." Tsuzuki said after his win the event.

In the U-20 Girls event, Sara Wakita, Natsuki Suda and Himena Suzuki, Ren Hashimoto move to the grand final for the U-20 Girls. Wakita is a rookie and scores a 5.75 and 3.75 for a combined score of 9.50. Suda was on fire today final heat then scores a 5.00 backed up by a 4.65 for a combined score of 9.65 to claim the girl's champion. Natsuki Suda took 2015 Girls Champion!

4 young athletes move to the finals for the U-16 Cadets. They are Yuji Mori, Keijiro Nish, Jin Suzuki, Yuji Nishi.

In 4th is Yuji Nishi and 3rd is Yuji Mori. For the runner up was Jin Suzuki with a combined score of 11.25 points. The winner is Keijiro Nishi with score a 6.25 and 5.95 wins 2015 GoPro Junior Surfing Games U16 Cadet class. Keijiro Nishi took 2015 U-16 Cadets champion!

GoPro Junior Surfing Games 2015 U-20 Junior Men's Final Results:

1st, 1,000Pts, U$2,000: Momoto Tsuzuki 2nd, 750Pts, U$900: Kan Watanabe 3rd, 560Pts, U$550: Yuji Mori 3rd, 560Pts, U$550: Reo Inaba

U-20 Junior Girl's Final Results:

1st, 1,000Pts, Natsuki Suda 2nd, 750Pts, Sara Wakita 3rd, 560Pts, Himena Suzuki 4th, 525Pts, Ren Hashimoto

U-16 Cadet Final Results:

1st, 1,000Pts, Keijiro Nishi 2nd, 750Pts, Jin Suzuki 3rd, 560Pts, Yuji Mori 4th, 525Pts, Yuji Nishi

Next stop on 2015 WSL Japan Calendar is "Minami Boso Junior Pro "consisting of the Junior Men's、Junior Girl's、Cadet (U16) classes to be held at Chitose, Minami Boso, Chiba on September 17th and 19th.


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