2015 M B Junior Pro Day 2 U20 Junior Men's Final it's on !!

2015 M B Junior Pro Day 2 U20 Junior Men's Final it's on !!

2015 WSL JAPAN TOUR EVENT 6"Minami Boso Junior Pro" Will be held in Sep. 19th (SAT) and 20th (SUN) at Chitose Point, Minami Boso City, Chiba.

The conditions at Chitose Point day 2 morning was once again an epic clean 4-6 ft. plus with bit side off shore waves.

In quality epic surf on offer this morning, WSL Japan Tour Head Judge Masato Kato called the athletes this morning at 6:30 AM at the first call to get in action for the opening rounds.

Today the event finished the junior men's U20 rounds of 32 all way to final, and U16 Cadets final today.

In the U-20 men's 4 man Semi final heat 1 has Takumi Nakamura(JPN) took heat best score 8.00 point and back up 6.75 total point 14.75 then round up to Final, in second place Yuji Mori(JPN) made 6.66 and 5.85 total 12.50 advance to final. Semi final heat 2 Kaijiro Nishi(JPN) scores 8.00 and 7.15 total point 15.15 moves to the Final, second place Reo Inaba has 7.50 and 6.50 total score 14.00 advance to the final. In between U20 Men's final event hold U16 Cadet final today, and in Cadet final Arashi Murata has 5.60 and back up point 4.60 total 10.20 point. U20 final maker Yuji Mori in second place has 4.50 and 4.10 total point 8.60. In third place Kousei Sawamura has 4.10 and 3.80 total 7.90, in fourth place Joh Azuchi had 3.35 and 2.50 total 5.85 finished. 13 year old new up comer Arashi Murata won the 2015 MBJ Cadet division.

In 25 min U20 Junior Men's Final heat, Takumi Nakamura in Red, Yuji Mori in White, Keijiro Nishi in Yellow, Reo Inaba in Blue. Nakamura made 8.50 highest score of the final heat and second best score in final 7.50 total made 16.00 point then smash all the others, Reo Inaba has third highest score 7.15 and back up point 5.10 total 12.25 took second place finished event. Yuji Mori who surfed U16 and U20 both final made 6.00 + 5.00 total 11.00 point in third, Keijiro Nishi had 6.25 and 3.75 total 10.00 in fourth. Congratulations Takumi Nakamura 2015 MBJ PRO winner.

vs. Himena Suzuki. Kawai made 6.50 ad back up pint 4.60 total score 11.10. Himena Suzuki her 5.75 and back up 3.85 total 9.60 not enough for win the final heat. Minori Kawai made winning second year on the roll for Minami Boso Junior Pro.

Minami Boso Junior Pro 2015 U-20 Men's Results 1st Takumi Nakamura: 1,000 points /\200,000- 2nd Reo Inaba: 750 points /\90,000- 3rd Yuji Mori: 560 points /\60,000- 4th Kejiro Nishi: 525 points /\50,000- 5th Shuji Nishi / Takumi Yasui: 420 points /\30,000- 7th Kai Hamase / Kan Watanabe: 395 points /\20,000-

U-20 Girl's Junior (non prize event) 1st Minori Kawai: 1,000 points 2nd Himena Suzuki: 750 points 3rd Shino Matsuda / Ren Hashimoto: 560 points

U-16 Cadet (non prize event) 1st Arashi Murata: 1,000 points 2nd Yuji Mori: 750 points 3rd Kosei Sawamura: 560 points 4th Joh Azuchi: 525 points

The annual WJC will be held in November in Portugal, and the total points from these 2 events will determine the final qualifiers for the WJC along with the 2 top qualifiers from the top ranked 20 years and under surfers in the top QS ranking who belong to the Japan Branch.

This event will be the final event to determine the qualifiers for the WJC. As the world standards changes, in 2015 the juniors age will be consisted of 20 years and under and in 2016 it will be 18 years and under. The juniors will be more focused to the younger generation. These statements were announced from the WSL Commissioner Office officially.

JR 1,000 event "Minami Boso Junior Pro" will be consisted of the U-16 cadets along with the U-20 Pro Juniors.

The junior event will be composed by 2 classes of U-20 Junior Men's and Junior Girls.

6 Men's and 2 Women will be invited to the WJC from WSL Japan Tour. Event venue Chitose Point boasts its high quality surf to decide the invitees.

WSL Japan Tour official wave forecaster is "Namidensetsu" http://www.namidensetsu.com/

「Minami Boso Junior Pro」will be broadcasted via internet throughout the event:


「Minami Boso Junior Pro」 will be proudly supported by the following sponsors:

・Minami Boso City tourism Union ・Chikura Town Hotel Union ・Tateyama Heat Cardiovascular department. ・Daido Denki Kogyo Co.,Ltd. ・GENIUS・Suzu Ichi Suisan LLC. ・Long-Term Care Health Facility Seiko-en ・Insurance agent Trust Partners Ltd.,Co. ・Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Insurance, ・Aioi Nittsei Insurance ・Luliluli Bikinis Hawaii ・GoPro ・ASAHI SOFT DRINKS Co.,Ltd. ・Nami Densetsu Surf Legend ・G-SHOCK(Casio Co.,Ltd.) ・Dove Wetsuits


・Minami Boso City ・World Surfing Promotions ・Minami Boso Surfing Union ・Chitose Point Surfers

■For further info contact WSL Japan Office: 2-16-2 -501 Kugenuma Kaigan Fujisawa Kanagawa Tel:0466-30-2888 FAX: 0466-30-2889 Email:office@worldsurfleague.jp


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