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Highlights: QS Action Kicks Off in Cascais

The Allianz Billabong Pro Cascais launched in clean 2-to-3-foot surf at the pristine Praia do Guincho and completed 28 heats using double banks to capitalize on the swell on offer. Exciting matchups revealed the form surfers of the moment who dropped huge scores in the peaky lefts and rights of Guincho.

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High Scores:
Andino Drops a 9.67 in Round 1 of Cascais QS10,000
Dusty Payne hits the lip twice for 9.17
McGonagle Goes Big on his Backhand for a 9.27
Igarashi Surfs a Long Wave for a Near-Perfect 9.87
Andino Continues His Cascais Campaign with a 9.00

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