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Wright's Emotional Victory in France
Tyler Wright discussed her first win of 2015, at the Roxy Pro France.

After finishing last season at No. 2 in the world, Tyler Wright (AUS) had a rough series of results in 2015. By September, after she lost in Round 4 at the Cascais Women's Pro, she admitted that she was ready to get focused in a new way. At the very next event, the Roxy Pro France, it was clear that she had meant it: She won the contest for the second consecutive year, and her result moved her two spots higher on the Jeep Leaderboard in the process.

Inside the design behind Gabriel Medina's Magic Board for the Quik Pro France.

Shaper Matt Biolos of Lost Surfboards has witnessed the highs and lows of Wright's season, including her repeat success at this year's Roxy Pro. Ahead of the final event of the women's Championship Tour season, the Target Maui Pro, Biolos discussed the change that he's seen in his powerhouse client.

Model: Lost Surfboards Driver
Dimensions: 5'8.5" x 18.63" x 2.25"
Volume: ~ 25.75L
Tail: Round Tail

Wright's Steely Style
Tyler Wright snatched a win under pressure in the Quarterfinals with a number of crisp turns.

World Surf League: What about the board suits Tyler's powerful style of surfing?
Matt Biolos: It has a very low tail rocker, with a significant amount of nose rocker that sort of starts far back on the board. This seems to work well with her narrower stance and extremely strong back footed approach. The round tail keeps her from sliding out in turns.

WSL: What refinements have you made over the season?
Biolos: Honestly not much. We tried thicker boards here and there, but she went about half way back to last year's volumes. This board is pretty close to the boards she was successful in last year. The differences are pretty subtle. Bringing the nose-rocker back, to fit her narrow-ish stance was a conscious effort.

Tyler board 2 Wright's Mayhem magic. - WSL / Poullenot/Aquashot

WSL: How does this board compare to the shape she won on last year in France?
Biolos: That one was a Sub-Driver. Had some vee in the last couple inches of the tail, this one doesn't. A touch more tail rocker and no vee, maybe a bit more volume and that nose rocker change I mentioned.

WSL: Heading to the Target Maui Pro in November, what will you be shaping for her?
Biolos: Just a few boards similar to this one, but longer.

WSL: Tyler mentioned that her brother Owen and you have been instrumental in helping her regain her focus over a tough string of results. What have you been working with her on?
Biolos: I just tell her she's awesome and she has a gift, and how much work she puts into it is what she will get back. I don't go on about things. If she asks for input I give it to her, and if she wants to try anything with boards I make them. She's always been the one who will straight-up ask me what board to ride, and puts the pressure on the old man!

She's the only surfer that has ever emailed me and said, 'I want to ride your boards'

WSL: Tyler mentioned after Portugal that she wanted to change her outlook and wanted to care more. What does that mean in your mind?
Biolos: I know she cares. I mean she's the only surfer that has ever emailed me and said, "I want to ride your boards, and I will jump on a plane from Australia tomorrow, fly over and work on boards with you." That's how we started. So the desire has been there.

She may be more aloof and she's the only girl I work with who I haven't seen cry, but I wouldn't mistake that for not caring. I do think that the lower seeds have closed the gap a bit. It's become more competitive, and she is realizing she needs to focus a bit more. That can mean working closer with me, listening to Owen, training, tweaking her technique...practicing more...whatever else. It's up to her. I am in her corner whatever path she chooses.

Don't miss Wright continue her momentum in the final event of the women's 2015 season, the Target Maui Pro LIVE on the World Surf League and WSL App beginning November 21.

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