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2015 WSL JAPAN TOUR EVENT #7 "TRUMP Hyuga Pro" Will be held in Oct. 9th (Fri) to 12th (Mon) at Okuragahama Beach, Hyuga City, Miyazaki.

Kaito Ohhashi(JPN) Kaito Ohashi (JPN) - WSL / S.Yamamoto

The conditions at Hyuga Okuragahama day 2 morning was still excellent clean 3-4 ft. plus nice off shore waves.

In quality excellent surf on offer this morning, TRUMP Hyuga Pro contest director Sigeki Kawai called the athletes this morning at 7:00 AM at the first call to get in action for the opening rounds.

Today the event goes to the LQS men's round 1 and QS men's all way to the final today.

In 20 min QS 1,000 round of 16 then Quarter and Semi final 25 min, Final 30 min today.

In LQS men's round 1 Heat 2 former longboard world champion Bonga Perkins shows up and surf with young upcoming surfer ,Lucas Garrido . Lucas took 1st and Bonga 2nd both round up to tomorrow. Heat 3 young Hawaiian Nelson Ahina III comes back Hyuga with beautiful sisters, Nelson shows up how his longboard skill to the audience.

The event organizer and regional head judge discuss about waves for tomorrow and next day would be smaller for QS Men's then the chose finish always to final today.

Guy Sato (JPN) Guy Sato (JPN) - WSL / S.Yamamoto

In Quarter Finals heat 1 Guy Sato took Hiroto Arai out round up to Semi Finals, Heat 4 Arashi Kato vs Yujiro Tsuji. Arashi took out Yujiro goes up next round. In 25 mini Semi Final Heat 1 Takumi Nakamura vs Guy Sato, Sato make 8.25 and 6.50 total score 14.75, Nakamura had 8.00 and 6.15 total point 14.15, Guy Sato made to final. Heat 2 Kaito Ohashi vs Arashi Kato, Ohashi score 7.50 and back up 5.50 total 13.00, Kato scored 7.00 and 3.95 total 10.95. Kaito Ohashi made to final.

In 30min Final heat Kaito Ohashi score 8.50 and back up score 8.00 total score 16.50. Guy Sato his best results on his QS carrier this event so far he made his score 8.50 and 7.50 total 16.00 points let Ohashi win the 2015 QS1,000 TRUMP HYUGA PRO.

Kaito Ohhashi Wins TRUMP Hyuga Pro. Kaito Ohhashi Wins TRUMP Hyuga Pro. - WSL / S.Yamamoto

TRUMP Hyuga Pror Pro 2015 QS 1,000 Men's Final Results

  1. Kaito Ohashi 8.50 + 8.00 total 16.50 point
  2. Guy Sato 8.50 + 7.50 total 16.00 point
  3. Takumi Nakamura Arashi Kato
  4. Hiroto Arai Yukio Ogawa Takukumi Yasui Yujiro Tsuji

「2015 TRUMP HYUGA PRO」 is proudly supported by the following sponsors:


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