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As the horn blew in Courtney Conlogue's Round 4 heat at the 2015 Target Maui Pro all her 2015 World Title hopes slipped away. The California native handled the loss with equal parts grit and grace, knowing she had earned her best ever result on Tour. Within days of the Maui Pro, Conlogue was already looking forward to her sixth season on the CT.

Courtney Conlogue (USA), victorious at the 2015 Cascais Women's Pro. World No. 2 Courtney Conlogue. - WSL / Poullenot/Aquashot

Daniel Jenks: You've had some time to reflect since Maui, have you recovered from the loss?
Courtney Conlogue: It took me two days, I'm into next year. You can't keep dwelling on the past, you've got to look forward and strive to improve for the next season. This year was an incredible year for me, it was the best year I've had yet. It was definitely a bummer not getting that Title, because I did want it and I was so close. Yet so far. If I go into next year, it's a fresh start and a new day. Carissa [Moore, who won the 2015 Title,] surfed so well, I have to step up my game and come back stronger.

Conlogue's Handle on Hectic Cascais
On her road to victory in Portugal, Conlogue tore into Cascais in tricky surf.

DJ: Obviously, coming up short was painful, but was the best moment for you this year?
Conlogue: My peak moment was grabbing the yellow jersey back before France. That was pretty amazing considering how insanely tricky Portugal was, the conditions were not easy. Being able to manufacture a win out of that event was a lot of hard work, but it ended up playing out in the end. It just shows you no matter what the waves are everyone has those same conditions and it's about being the best out there in those 30 minutes.

Courtney Conlogue's Opening Excellence
Despite kicking off the Target Maui Pro with an excellent performance, Conlogue wasn't able to chase down Moore's rankings lead.

DJ: What aspect of your approach are you looking to improve on for next season?
Conlogue: I don't want to expose that, I'm not there yet. I have a lot that I want to improve on, every event there's different things I could improve on. I have to acknowledge them and work on them and increase the probability for a win.

Catch Conlogue, Moore and the rest of the Top 17 women on the Championship Tour kick off the 2016 season starting March 10 on Australia's Gold Coast.

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