Video: Ohhara Leads Field on Day 6 in Ericeira

Video: Ohhara Leads Field on Day 6 in Ericeira

A talented field of up-and-coming surfers take on playful surf in round 3 of the Ericeira World Junior Championships.

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High Scores:
Hennessy Scores a 9 on opening day in Ericeira
Fioravanti Belts a 9 for three-turn combo
Willcox Drops a 9.03 with fast sharp turns on his forehand
Silveira's 9.17 on the buzzer in round 1 in Ericeira
Hiroto Arai's 9.10 effort in opening round in Ericeira
Wawn Starts Her Round 4 Heat with a 9.07
Wawn Goes Near-Perfect with 9.50 in Quarter NĀ°2
Mihimana Braye's 9.93 Buzzer Effort in Round 2
Ohhara's triple turn combo for 9.33
Ohhara's second blast for 9.93


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