- WSL / Zak Noyle
- WSL / Zak Noyle

The final heat of the Round One features a former Eddie winner, a Big Wave World Champion, and several Hawaiian legends.

Keoni D and Bruce Irons Bruce Irons during the 2009 event. Irons won in 2004. - WSL / Zak Noyle

Kauai native Bruce Irons won the event in 2004 during just his second time surfing the Bay. Irons recently made the Final at the Volcom Pipe Pro where he competed against fellow Eddie Invites, Kelly Slater and Jamie O'Brien. Earlier this winter, Irons admitted rediscovering his passion for surfing for the first time since the passing of his brother, three-time World Champion Andy Irons, in 2010.

Makuakai Rothman
Rothman earns a big score at Punta Galea, helping land him a result toward his World Title victory.

Bruce will be joined by last year's Big Wave World Champion Makuakai Rothman. A North Shore local, this will be Rothman's second time competing in the iconic event at Waimea Bay. A win at the Eddie would be a serious addition to Rothman's growing list of credits.

Hawaiian Kala Alexander will also represent the local surf community in Heat 4. Alexander was hand picked by the Aikau family for the event in 2009 and has continued to be an invite since then.

Ian Walsh demonstrates his uncanny familiarity with the break by zinging a silky smooth bottom turn right into some lip coverage.

Ian Walsh has been absolutely on fire at Jaws throughout the winter's incredible El Niño run, including a fourth place finish at the Pe'ahi Challenge. The Maui local will take his skills to Waimea Bay on Wednesday, where many consider him a serious threat.

Albee Layer
Albee Layer outsmarts the pack on a crowded day and then sticks a remarkable late drop into the pit at Jaws.

Another Maui local to join the pack will be Albee Layer. Layer has undoubtedly been one of the breakout performers of the year in Hawaii's big wave season. He earned a second place finish at the Pe'ahi Challenge, and has been a standout on every swell with his remarkable tube riding. Chances are he'll be looking to do the same at Waimea.

Garrett McNamara (Haleiwa, Hawaii) drops in smoothly and turns beneath a huge, heaving section at Praia do Norte, Nazaré, Portugal on November 1, 2015. Video by Timelapse Media.

Well-known big wave charger Garrett McNamara rounds out the roster of Hawaiians in Heat 4. McNamara, 44, still holds the record for biggest wave ever surfed and continues to chase swells around the globe for Big Wave Award submissions. With his recent injury at Maverick's, however, he's likely on the fence. Don't be surprised if he gives his spot up to one of the many qualified alternates.

Jeremy Flores
Flores won the Billabong Pro Tahiti in 2015.

Jeremy Flores is the only non-Hawaiian in Heat 4, representing France and Quiksilver for his hard charging nature. Flores is a former Pipe Master and claimed victory at the Championship Tour's heaviest reefbreak in 2015, the Billbong Pro Tahiti. Though he faces a serious crew of Hawaiians, Flores has proven himself in the heavy surf and will look to do so again at Waimea Bay.

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