Teaser Vieux-Boucau 2016
Top longboarders converge to Southwest France for the upcoming Longboard Pro Vieux Boucau.

Europe's best longboarders and a few international stars have made their way to Vieux-Boucau in South-West France for the region's Longboard Qualifying Series launch, the Longboard Pro Vieux Boucau starting this Friday.

Lineup Vieux Boucau The scene on a beautiful morning in Vieux-Boucau. - WSL / Damien Poullenot

"Speaking on behalf of everyone at the Vieux-Boucau Surf Club, we're extremely proud and happy to welcome yet another edition of the event, with two major changes this year," Pascal Vergne, VBSC president stated. "We're moving to the central beach where we now have a very convivial spot for the competitors and the public, and the dates change from September to June so we'll launch the tour and our summer season with this unique event in France."

Defending event champions Antoine Delpero (FRA), 30, and Victoria Vergara (FRA), 21, will face a hungrier-than-ever crowd of contenders and revive the exciting battles witnessed last season.

Antoine Delpero (FRA)Vieux Boucau 2015 Style 1.0.1 with Antoine Delpero. - WSL

"Vieux-Boucau is the ideal spot for a European longboard event, it's a powerful beachbreak that can deliver all kinds of waves, perfect at times or very difficult when big and onshore," Delpero explained. "Last year we scored great waves and everyone was able to surf their best, I hope we get similar conditions again."

This year, the region's top talents will have the privilege to also host some of the World's best longboarders, including two-time World Champion Piccolo Clemente (PER) and Chloe Calmon (BRA) to spice things up as the season launches.

Timothee Creignou (FRA) Vieux Boucau 2015 Thimothee Creignou will look to go all the way this year in Vieux-Boucau. - WSL / Damien Poullenot

The venue: Vieux-Boucau is located just a few miles north of the world famous Hossegor and its quality beach breaks have a long tradition of providing excellent conditions for longboarding, as well as powerful barrels for high-performance surfing depending on tides and sand banks. Many of France's best longboarders have free surfed and competed up-and-down the Vieux-Boucau banks, including local champion RĂ©mi Arauzo (FRA).

Victoria Vergara (FRA) Vieux Boucau 2015 Victoria Vergara will defend her event title in 2016. - WSL / Damien Poullenot

"The return of the Longboard Pro Vieux-Boucau adds a very important stop on the WSL European Longboard Series," Rob Gunning, European Tour Manager said. "The town of Vieux-Boucau has a long heritage with longboarding so it is a great fit to bring the best riders to this excellent location. With 4 stops on this year's series we are sure to see the interest and level of surfing increase. Europe has some of the world's best longboarders and Vieux-Boucau will proudly showcase their talents come June."

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