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Tyler Wright has made the Top 5 every year she's been on Tour. So when it comes determining whether or not Rip Curl wants to continue their relationship it makes complete sense for the brand. But what about how Tyler feels about it? Turns out she's just as keen to keep the stoke alive after roughly 13 years with the historic surf brand.

Tyler Wright at Bells
Tyler Wright at the 2015 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

"There's a lot with my brother Owen. I've surfed the biggest and scariest waves on Search trips, and it's always entertaining. Every trip we do there's always so much fun to be had - with the whole entire crew, not just the surfers," said Wright. "There's a sense of family, knowing the company and crew for so long, they've been there with support since I was eight, and they've continued to support me."

Wright's Time in France
Tyler managed the pressure well in France to take her spot at the top of the podium. In the quarterfinals, she found her winning wave in the final minute.

Wright's got an impressive track record, at 21-years-old she's won an event every year she's been on Tour except for one, and even that year she finished runner-up at an event. She's got World Title potential, but admitted after her win in France last year that she wants to focus a bit more on that goal. And she's making some changes to increase her odds.

Tyler Wright Cares
Tyler Wright discusses what it feels like to find her first victory in an otherwise challenging season and who has helped her along the way.

"This year I have a coach and that's a pretty big change for me. It has been exciting to work with Glenn 'Micro' Hall (former CT competitor) this past month, he's been helping me with a holistic approach to achieve everything that I've set out to do in the coming years," said Wright. "Every event is different and creates a different level of excitement for me, the first one at Snapper is always a fun one; it's the perfect wave and place to kick off my campaign."

Don't miss Tyler Wright start her season at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast LIVE on the World Surf League website beginning March 10.

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