- WSL / Marcio Canavarro
- WSL / Marcio Canavarro

Over the last few years, a number of Brazilian surfers have relocated to the US or spend significant amounts of time between the mainland and Hawaii. But the elite surfers aren't the only ones who have made the leap. Meet professional surf photographer Marcio Canavarro. You've likely seen his work on Surfline or the WSL Instagram. We sat down with Marcio to get a little backstory and to find out more about his relationships with Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina.

Filipe always step up on his game during the free surf, bringing the level to another level. Photo taken in La Jolla. -- Photo/Marcio Canavarro 'Filipe always steps up his game during the freesurfs, bringing it to another level. This photo was taken in La Jolla.' -- Marcio Canavarro - WSL / Marcio Canavarro

WSL: Tell us about how you wound up in the US.
Marcio Canavarro: I'm good friends with Fabio Gouveia who is Ian Gouveia's dad. We are both from the same region in the northeast of Brazil. I grew up watching Fabio and Teco Padaratz surfing on the Tour. Then I moved to San Diego 15 years ago. Everybody passes though LA or San Diego when they are going or coming back from somewhere and they always need something.

Gabriel is no different. Photo taken at Lowers. -- Photo/Marcio Canavarro 'Gabriel is no different. This photo was photo taken at Lowers.' -- Marcio Canavarro - WSL / Marcio Canavarro

WSL: When did you first get to know the current Brazilian Storm?
Canavarro: The Toledo family became good friends after they moved to San Clemente. Adriano (de Souza) is a good friend for a longtime. He lived in San Clemente before as well and Gabriel (Medina) told me he is [possibly] buying a house in San Clemente and he is moving here in the future. Brazilians stick together, and in the end you end up knowing everyone.

Gabriel surfing with Davizinho Radical, always finding time to spend with the one that really appreciate. Big heart! -- Photo/Marcio Canavarro 'This is Gabriel surfing with Davizinho Radical. He's always finding time to spend with the ones that really appreciate. He's got a big heart!' -- Marcio Canavarro - WSL / Marcio Canavarro

WSL: What's something we may not know about Filipe and Gabe?
Canavarro: Filipe loves to skateboard, play video games, eat fruit snacks, most of his boards are painted by himself and he goes to church on Sundays with his family. Gabriel has a huge heart. He is very funny and a very focused athlete. They both have their fathers as coaches (Charles & Ricardinho) but they never go to the water before saying a prayer and get a blessing from their moms (Simone & Mari). They are both very religious and have Christ, Mary and Crosses tattooed on their bodies. And they love surfing at Lowers! Ok this one you knew! Haha.

Filipe Toledo and his Mother -- Photo/Marcio Canavarro 'This photo was taken during the 2014 Vans US Open of Surfing, getting the blessing of Mari (his mother) before his Final heat.' -- Marcio Canavarro - WSL / Marcio Canavarro
Gabriel Medina and Simone Medina. -- Photo/Marcio Canavarro 'Gabriel and Simone Medina watching the sunset at T-street in San Clemente.' -- Marcio Canavarro - WSL / Marcio Canavarro

WSL: What's something you admire about them?
Canavarro: As they've grown into men, what I admire the most is their drive, passion and time spent in the water. They're still so young, the world will hear from them a lot in the next few years.

For more on Marcio Canavarro Photography check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

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