The Superbank, in all its golden glory. Photo: Joli The Gold Coast is appropriately named. - WSL / Joli

Jan and Peter Wilson have been traveling the world for nearly 30 years now. Peter, a renowned surf photographer, has been a fixture on the world tour, capturing countless milestone moments from the past decades. Jan would often accompany him, while running the business side of his operation.

Then, in 2014, they decided to supplement their income by renting out their studio apartment underneath their home. After being guests at several Airbnb locations, they figured they knew what it took. Their Gold Coast pad is centrally located to all the epic coast has to offer.

Sweet lil' pad. Peter 'Joli' Wilson and his wife Jan put their photo business on display in their Gold Coast studio, and not only has it added charm to the space, it's translated into extra business. - WSL

Like most people, Jan was nervous about becoming a host. But 18-months later not only is she thrilled with their decision, they've already reached Super Host status. Here are Jan's tips for anyone thinking about becoming a successful host for surfers.

1.) Be a good communicator Be welcoming, hospitable, consistent and reliable. Guests usually come knowing a thing or two about the surf spots, but what they really need help with is where to eat, shop, and break things up. The easier you make it for them to be entertained the better. And you need to be ready to respond quickly and often to their requests. Be prepared to answer lots of questions. At the same time, the easier you can make that vital information available to them the better their experience, and yours.

Studio It's always a good idea to make the most of limited space by keeping it clean and cool. - WSL

2.) Keep it clean, and compatible If your flat isn't immaculate you're putting your reviews at risk. Cleanliness is a must, so if you're not prepared to keep your house in order you'll need to find somebody who is. In addition, keep some staples handy for your guests so they don't have to spend a fortune when they're out shopping for groceries. These include: salt, pepper, sugar, cooking oils, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and other basics.

3.) Dress it up Make sure your photos and descriptions are top notch and descriptive, and make the most of your available space by making it a warm environment to be in. We've been fortunate that the decorating we've done feeds into our Joli Studio business. So if you can, play your strengths.

outside Making the most of any available outdoor space is key too. Keep it clean and clutter free. - WSL
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