- WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
- WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
Quik Pro Final Recap: Wilko vs. Kolohe
Get the breakdown of the epic final battle at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.
Roxy Pro Final Recap: Tyler vs. Courtney
See how Tyler Wright made her way to the top at the first CT event of the season.
Owen Wright's Big Embrace
An emotional moment between the CT sibs.
Toledo Talks Semis Injury
The Brazilian phenom explains what happened when he hurt himself during his Semifinal heat.
Wilko's Big QF Win, Draws Big Wilko Reaction
Matt Wilkinson is ecstatic after defeating reigning World Champ Adriano de Souza at the Quik Pro Gold Coast.
Kolohe Andino Shows Up
The Californian made his second CT final ever with his well-rounded approach.
Checking in with Mark Richards on Finals Day of the Quik Pro.
Stu Kennedy Talks Semifinal Loss
Peter Mel catches up with the Giant Slayer after he was finally stopped in the Semifinals.
Wilko Takes Out De Souza
Matt Wilkinson and reigning World Champ Adriano de Souza go head to head in the Quarterfinal 2 heat cutdown at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.
Stu Kennedy's QF Blitz
With the pressure on, Stuart Kennedy nabbed a long wall at Snapper to launch himself into the Semifinals over John John Florence.
Gold Coast from Above: Part II
Check out some incredible footage of the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro from above.
Wilko Gets the Score
Matt Wilkinson is ecstatic after defeating reigning World Champ Adriano de Souza at the Quik Pro Gold Coast.
Giant Slayer Highlights
Take a look at some of the hits from Stu Kennedy and Sebastian Zietz that landed them in a head to head match up in Round 5.
Filipe Toledo's Perfect 10
Filipe Toledo carries his confidence from last year into 2016 with another perfect 10 at Snapper Rocks.
Breakdown: Stu Kennedy's Incredible Run
The Aussie surfer has been the undeniable star of the first contest of the year. See how he got to Round 4.
Snapshot: Gilmore v. Wright
It was a battle of the titans when the two Aussies faced off at Snapper Rocks.
Shaper Daniel 'Tomo' Thomson
Pete Mel interviews Daniel "Tomo" Thomson, the man behind Kennedy's boards.
VIP Interview: Lisa Andersen
Four-time World Champion Lisa Andersen is teaming up with Mauli Ola and Surfline for this year's Battle of the Breasts.
Stu Kennedy takes out Gabe Medina
The injury replacement vs. the former Champ was one of the Quik Pro Gold Coast's most heated battles.
Bronte on Making History
Bronte Macaulay emerges from the water victorious and emotional.
Rookie Profile: Kanoa Igarashi
Igarashi made good on some big dreams last year at the Vans US Open. But his road to the big leagues was anything but easy.
Gilmore Returns
After being sidelined with injury, the six-time World Champ discussed how she spent her time off, and getting back to business.
Sebastian Zietz eliminates Fanning
Get the overview of the heat that saw Seabass, who's surfing as an injury wildcard, take down the three-time World Champ.
Mick Fanning Reacts to Early Loss
Mick Fanning discusses his strategy with Rosy Hodge after losing to injury replacement Sebastian Zietz in Round 3.
Conner Coffin's Rookie Debut
The WSL desk takes a look at Conner Coffin's performance through the first three rounds at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast.
Warmup Sessions
Check out the highlights as the world's best hit the lineup for some good clean fun.
Rookie Profile: Conner Coffin
Insight into the rookie's rise from Santa Barbara to the Championship Tour.
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