- WSL / Kirstin
- WSL / Kirstin
Barton Lynch after taking out the first Heritage Series heat of 2016 at Bells Beach. Barton Lynch showing the same old stoke after defeating Damien 'Iceman' Hardman in the first Heritage Series heat of 2016. - WSL / Ed Sloane Michel Bourez defeated Kelly Slater in their Round 3 encounter. Kelly Slater congratulating Michel Bourez after the Tahitian beat him in Round 3. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Joel Parkinson about to cause a tug of war. Joel Parkinson's sign off after his Round 3 loss about to cause a tug-of-war. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Motivational treats for Mason Ho from 'The Cleaner': Chocolates saying \ Anonymous support: Chocolate, a sun and a smile on Mason's locker left by 'The Cleaner'. - WSL / Kelly Cestari
Mick Fanning entertaining the crowd after his Round 3 victory. Mick Fanning generating a crowd all his own after winning his Round 3 heat in dominant fashion. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Jordy Smith heads out for a Round 3 matchup with Kai Otton. As the injury wildcard for 2016, Jordy Smith has a lot of ground to cover. Into Round 3 he was head-down ready to get back to business. His focus saw him through to Round 4. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Matt Wilkinson debriefs after his Round 3 heat. Matt Wilkinson debriefs after his Round 3 victory. Can you tell he's trying to get more vertical? - WSL / Kelly Cestari Stoked to be holding boards of Aussie legend Mick Fanning. Boardrider clubs are a huge part of Aussie culture and kids from Surfing Victoria got a chance to caddy for their alumni and other pros during the contest at Bells. This lucky grom got to hold boards for Mick Fanning. - WSL / Kelly Cestari
Michel Bourez getting towed back into the lineup in Round 2. With Bells big and unruly, Michel Bourez takes advantage of jet ski assist. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Jadson Andre suffered an injury after attempting a turn on a closeout section, but finished his heat before being carried up the stairs. It was a shock to see Jadson Andre being carried off the beach after he had given a full-power performance in Round 2. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Stu Kennedy and Ryan Callinan share a moment after Stu's Round 2 heat win. Stu Kennedy getting some love from rookie Ryan Callinan after Kennedy had taken down Matt Banting in Round 2. - WSL / Ed Sloane Caio Ibelli selecting a board for Round 2. With more swell in the water for Round 2, Caio Ibelli takes extra time to pick his weapon of choice. - WSL / Kirstin
Kolohe Andino watches a replay of Sebastien Zietz's last wave from the locker room. Kolohe Andino watches hopelessly as scores come in for Sebastian Zietz's final ride in Round 2. Zietz overtook Andino by a tenth of a point in the dying moments of the heat to win. - WSL / Kirstin Coco Ho excited after Mason's Round 2 victory. Coco Ho after her brother Mason, the event wildcard, upset Jeremy Flores in Round 2. - WSL / Kirstin Kai Otton and Adrian Buchan Kai Otton (left) giving some last minute advice to Adrian Buchan before Ace's Round 2 matchup against rookie Alex Ribeiro. - WSL / Kirstin Kelly Slater inspiring the next generation. Kelly Slater inspiring the next generation with an innovative quiver and a couple fist bumps. - WSL / Kirstin
The morning lineup from the surfers area. The gathering place for more than 50 years now. - WSL / Ed Sloane Rookie Keely Andrew, before her first-ever heat as a CT competitor at Bells. Rookie Keely Andrew is thrilled to be competing on the big stage at Bells. - WSL / Kirstin Nikki Van Dijk, checking the lineup at Bells with her brother Joe. Family sacrifices: Nikki Van Dijk and her brother Joe embrace the chill outside the water. - WSL / Kirstin Kelly Slater getting geared up for Round 1. Kelly Slater has been doing his thing at Bells for 25 years now. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
Tyler Wright with her coach Glenn Hall. Tyler Wright and Glenn Hall: Can they pull off another victory as a team? - WSL / Kirstin Caio Ibelli gets a little support from girlfriend Alessa Quizon before his Round 1 heat. Caio Ibelli gets a good luck kiss from girlfriend Alessa Quizon. He'll return the favor when Alessa hits the lineup. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz Laura Enever and Glenn Hall, who is now working as a coach for some of the world's best. With both of his pupils winning the first event of the season, Laura Enever is eager to get some last minute advice from Glenn Hall. - WSL / Kirstin Nat Young heads out for his Round 1 heat. Nat Young navigates the familiar terrain at Bells as he heads out for his Round 1 heat. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
Bianca Buitendag in disbelief after winning her Round 1 heat. Bianca Buitendag's priceless reaction after learning she defeated Stephanie Gilmore in Round 1 by a fraction of a point. - WSL / Kelly Cestari Adriano de Souza being congratulated on his heat win by a fan. Adriano de Souza is enjoying making the rounds this year. - WSL / Ed Sloane Brisa Hennessy warms up. Trials winner Brisa Hennessy of Hawaii is considered a major spoiler this year. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz John John Florence of Hawaii tunes in from the locker room. John John Florence is playing to a new tune this year. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
Tatiana Weston-Webb gets a good luck hug from Dad. Tatiana Weston-Webb with her travel buddy, coach and supporter: her father. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz Julian Wilson heading out for his Round 1 heat. Julian Wilson enjoys the long way down. - WSL / Ed Sloane Bronte Macaulay getting some local knowledge from Cahill Bell-Warren. Bronte Macaulay getting some lineup advice from local competitor Cahill Bell-Warren. - WSL / Kirstin Keanu Asing debriefs after Round 1. Keanu Asing debriefs the entourage after his opening round heat. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
Sallt Fitzgibbons Sally Fitzgibbons enjoying the contest from a spectator's perspective. - WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
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