Slater's Super Session
Kelly Slater gave golden tickets to CT stars Carissa Moore, Kanoa Igarashi, and Nat Young during a recent visit to his incredible wave pool.

When Kelly Slater broke the internet with his wave pool reveal late last year he and his team were immediately buried by the sheer volume of inquiries..

Stephanie Gilmore
Okay...This is getting ridiculous.

After four months of speculation, anticipation and mystery, the Slater camp has finally put out with another look at the remarkable wave, but this time the lucky surfers are CT stars Carissa Moore, Nat Young, and Kanoa Igarashi.

Kanoa Igarashi
The 2016 rookie gets an up-close look at the future.
There is so much I want to say and tell...It all seemed like a dream. - Carissa Moore

During our first look at this remarkable wave, we saw Slater stalling repeatedly for the barrel. But what's impressive about this latest look is just how deep the tube can be ridden. Nat Young and Kanoa Igarashi managed to park themselves way behind the curtain.

Nat Young
Nat Young immediately set the bar high for backhanders surfing Slater's wave pool with this incredible performance.

"That was the longest barrel of my life," Nat Young says in this clip. And it's clear he's not lying. Not surprisingly, they each had their respective minds blown.

Carissa Moore was thrilled, posting on her Instagram: "There is so much I want to say and tell. So many cool moments that make me smile just thinking about. I could write pages trying to describe the waves, the people, the place, the experience but I wouldn't do it justice. It all seemed like a dream."

Carissa Moore
The three-time World Champ tries out Kelly Slater's wave pool.
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