After a full week of fantastic conditions, the swell started to wane at Cloudbreak and Restaurants, resulting in a few lay days for the Fiji Pro. But life at Tavarua and Namotu, the two islands where the Top 34 shack up for the two-week event window, is never dull. Some are reveling in contest glory while others are keeping their respective competitive edges alive. Here's a look at some of the island fever that's spreading. We have to get these guys back in the water...

Filipe Toledo

Waves may be too small for competition but Filipe Toledo made it work just fine on a lay day longboarding outing.

Caio Ibelli, Keanu Asing and More

Keanu Asing, Caio Ibelli and more tried their luck on a fishing expedition during the Fiji Pro's lay day Thursday.

Jordy Smith

Jordy Smith keeping his competitive edge alive.

Italo Ferreira

Instagram A hard day's work ends in the best way for Italo Ferreira. / @italoferreira - WSL

The Tavarua Basketball Team (Kinda)

Maybe stick to surfing, boys.

Stuart Kennedy

With conditions less than ideal, Stu Kennedy finds most of his fellow competitors at the Tavarua bar.

Nat Young

Instagram Look, Ma! I got one! / @nat_young - WSL

Josh Kerr

Instagram Some people like the ski lodge. Kerrzy prefers... well... paradise. / @josh_kerr84 - WSL

Wiggolly Dantas and Gabriel Medina

A heavyweight matchup between Wiggolly Dantas and Gabriel Medina.

Adriano de Souza

Instagram ADS getting the boys together for a group shot. Well, maybe the group minus one... / @adrianodesouza - WSL
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