- WSL / Jason Feast
- WSL / Jason Feast

WSL Europe Qualifying Series Official forecaster magicseaweed.com has just released the following forecast for the Boardmasters, Cornwall coming up this week from August 10-14.

Forecast Newquay MSW, Aug.9 2016 MSW announces a possible good swell for the Boardmasters weekend. - WSL / MagicSeaWeed.com

Below is a summary of the swell and wind activity over the next few days, for the full detailed forecast, please visit the Forecast tab on the event website.


After a few days of unseasonably solid surf the expectations are a return to typical summer conditions for the boardmasters waiting period. As a result the opening days see small fading groundswell with onshore wind sea over the top, before the possibility of a better swell for the weekend.

Wednesday 10th

Fading groundswell with fresh onshores winds, possibly strong by the afternoon. Poor quality wind blow waves in the waist to shoulder range.

Thursday 11th

Groundswell continues to fade as does the wind swell with slightly lighter onshore conditions. Very weak surf in the waist high range.

Friday 12th

Some hints of a small weak swell but most likely the dying remains of the previous swell with just a small onshore wind sea on top. Possibly the smallest and most difficult day of the waiting period with very weak waist high surf likely.

Saturday 13th

Positive hints of a new westerly mid period swell. This swell is formed by a weak front squeezed above a developing high pressure system. This sort of formation is highly susceptible to change as we get closer in time, so while there is broad model agreement there is a considerable range. Expectations are that the high pressure will mean lighter winds (with the possibility of light afternoon onshores) and swell in the head high range for good surf conditions on the beach.

Sunday 14th

Saturdays swell eases but high pressure likely dominates. With the caveats above about uncertainty the expectations at this stage would be for fun surf in the chest high range with good local conditions.

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