Kelly Slater may still be a top competitor on tour, but what motivates the greatest surfer of all time most these days is giving back. That's why he's teamed up with Omaze, an organization that helps athletes and celebrities raise money for causes they care about. Fans learn about important charities, and get a chance to enjoy incredible experiences with their favorite influencers.

This Could Be You!
Hoping to contain his excitement at Slater's surf ranch, Josh Kerr eases his way in to the fun.

As for an experience with Kelly, none is more precious than a trip to his ridiculously rippable man-made wave in Central California. It's the longest open-barrel wave in existence.

"I've spent years honing this project to create the perfect wave and now, you'll be one of the first to surf it with me, all weekend long." Kelly recently stated.

Are You Ready For This?
Kelly Slater and Omaze have teamed up to support WSL PURE. Enter to win two golden tickets to Kelly's surf ranch.

Until now, not even Kelly's closest friends have had access to the wave. It remains very under-wraps, even for the pros. Kelly and his team have been working on perfecting the wave for over a decade, so you can believe it's worth the hype. Winners will be able to surf during the day and swap stories with Kelly at night.

Kelly chatting after his heat win That board under Kelly's arms could be yours if you enter to win a trip to his surf ranch. - WSL

And Kelly just upped the ante heading into the final days. "I'm making a personal call to action," Slater explained Friday. "If we can raise another $100K in the next 48 hours I'm going to be giving away the surfboard I used at the 2015 Hurley Pro Trestles, complete with a signature and a small dent from my knee."

You can enter to win for as little as $10. The funds raised will benefit WSL PURE, whose mission is to protect the health of our oceans and environment. Go to omaze.com/kelly to donate. BONUS: If you have already entered, Kelly is inviting one more winner and a guest, so everyone will have double the chance.

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