WSL Europe Qualifying Series Official forecaster has just released the following forecast for the Azores Airlines Pro coming up this week from September 6-11.

Forecast Azores MSW, 2016 Waves all-week on the table for the Azores Pro - WSL /

Below is a summary of the swell and wind activity over the next few days, for the full detailed forecast, please visit the Forecast tab on the event website.


Ongoing pulses of NW swell in the mid period range with some onshore air flow starting from the north and moving west as we continue through the window.

Tuesday 6th September

Onshore winds and low period local wind sea. Some westerly swell that's likely obstructed before the beach. A poor day of occasionally chest high, confused surf.

Wednesday 7th September

Punchy new NNW swell with waves in the head high range and some disruption from an onshore breeze.

Thursday 8th September

Yesterday's swell drops into the chest high range but with improved winds. Lighter from the west.

Friday - Sunday 9-11th September

Continuing pulses of mid period swell and generally westerly winds fresh at times. A swell we'd been tracking for this window now looks likely to arrive after the end of competition.

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