Can Tyler Wright be Stopped?

Tyler Wright has amassed an intimidating lead in the race for the women's World Title. After capturing her fourth win of the season at Lower Trestles earlier this month she's jumped more than 7000 points ahead of Courtney Conlogue, the current World No. 2.

Tyler Wright winning Semifinal Heat 1 against Sage Erickson at the Swatch Women's Pro Trestles. It's going to be very tough for Wright's competition to knock her out of her yellow jersey this year. WSL / Sean Rowland

Tyler is looking to capture her first world title in 2016, and if she does, she'll be the first woman besides Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore to have done so in a decade.

While Tyler is inching ever so close to her dream season, Moore and Gilmore are winless this year, and just hoping to change that.

Defending Champion Courtney Conlogue will be trying to put the brakes on Wright.
Cascais Women's Pro, 2016
Defending Champion Courtney Conlogue will be trying to put the brakes on Wright.

Conlogue is still the biggest obstacle between Wright and her World Title trophy. But Tyler can actually clinch the whole thing in Cascais this coming week. First, of course, she'll need to win a few heats. And by a few, we mean all. She needs to win the whole event just to have a shot.

Wright's Reasons for Winning

Given that Tyler has won four events this season and that the punchy pits of Cascais are a good fit for her repertoire, that's not just possible, but highly probable. If Courtney makes the semis or better, however, it won't matter, because that will push the title race to France.

Watch Tyler and Courtney, plus the rest of the top 17 live daily starting Saturday, Sept. 24 at 7:30 a.m. local time.

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