- WSL / Kirstin Scholtz
- WSL / Kirstin Scholtz

Since Supertubos became a permanent fixture on the CT tour in 2010, it has thrown up some of the best tubes and biggest airs ever seen in competition. Here we look at five waves that have mattered over the history of the event.

Toledo's Perfect 10

During the Final of last year's event, Filipe Toledo took to the sky multiple times on a single wave to earn a 10.00. With that wave he went on to win the event (despite the best efforts of his opponent Italo Ferreira -- see below), and claim his third CT win of the 2015 season.


Italo's High-Water Mark

"That might be the biggest aerial ever landed in competition," said Martin Potter, of Brazilian Italo Ferreira's monster backside air-reverse in the 2015 Final. While it netted a 9.93, incredibly, it wasn't enough to win. Still, in terms of pure amplitude it remains a high-water mark for professional surfing.


John John's Freefall

At the 2014 event, John John Florence scored two perfect 10s on his way to the Semifinal and his best-ever result in Portugal. However, it was this massive freefall into a giant barrel that was the highlight of the year's competition.


Bede's Sunset Perfection

On Day 2 of the 2011 Rip Curl Pro Portugal, after a day of incredible waves and with the sun melting into the ocean, the biggest set of the competition so far approached Supertubos. Bede Durbidge was in perfect position and after dropping late and swinging under the ax, he emerged from a long tube in a shroud of spit to the roar of a packed beach. The result? A worthy claim, a heat win and the first 10 of the contest.

Owen Wright's Full Rotation

While Supertubos is known for its thundering tubes and heavy lips, it does still allow for ultra-performance surfing. In 2010 Owen Wright turned a fairly fun, but ordinary, wave into something extraordinary. The first turn was short and sharp, but the second, a full-rotation frontside air with a front grab was so huge and technically perfect that the judges had no choice but to give it a 10.

Rip Curl Pro - Portugal - Peniche - Day 006 Owen spins to win. - WSL / Kelly Cestari
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