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Grace Under Pressure: The Bianca Buitendag Profile

Bianca Buitendag's pro surfing career wasn't exactly pre-meditated. It was really just a byproduct of her upbringing in Victoria Bay, South Africa, a gorgeous little corner of the cape that happens to have its own pretty sweet righthander.

As a kid growing up there, Buitendag, like everyone else in town, surfed her brains out. But it just so happened she excelled in the waves, which actually complicated things for Bianca around the time she was considering advanced education. In the end, she decided to chase the surfing thing for a year...

The rest, of course, is history. Buitendag has made the women's Top 10 every year since she first landed on tour. In fact this year is her first time struggling to make the CT cut.

While she's earned a ton of respect for her powerful brand of surfing, it's Bianca's incredible grace under pressure that makes her one of the most beloved personalities on tour. When she unexpectedly lost her father last year, her strength, resilience and unwavering attitude of gratitude became an inspiration for everyone around her. And surfing will always give her peace and relief during difficult times.

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