Super Session: The Dorians

Super Session: The Dorians

While pros have been trekking to the North Shore of Oahu for more than 40 years to compete in annual surfing tournaments, there's a new look to these invading forces: They're getting smaller. Today, there are more and more mini-groms joining their moms and dads on these trips. And these little gremlins aren't at all content sitting on the beach, or even frolicking on the inside reforms. Instead, they're dragging mom and dad out into lineups at dawn. And they're turning heads.

Jackson Dorian is just the latest example. The son of former Tour star and legendary big-wave charger Shane Dorian is an accomplished charger, as you'll see in this clip of him joining an all-star cast at Velzyland.

"He's so fun right now," says Shane. "I can never have enough of this."


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