Zac Wightman Zac Wightman contemplating the pre-heat drop at Avoca. - WSL / Ethan Smith

The action continued today at the Komunity Project Central Coast Pro pres. by Rockstar as competitors went hell-for-leather on the playful three-to-four foot point break as they attempted to seal themselves a position into tomorrow's finals.

Jackson Baker's campaign in the Komunity Project Central Coast Pro pres. by Rockstar hit a solid benchmark today as he posted two near-perfect scores - a 9.80 and a 9.90 - to claim his sixth round heat. Baker seamlessly linked his combination of turns in the action-packed affair to leave his three fellow competitors chasing two wave combinations to take away his lead.

"Once I got those two good scores I almost paddled in, but I knew that it was always frowned upon," said Baker.

Jackson Baker Jacko Baker has been on the hunt for finals birth all season and he may have just found it. - WSL / Ethan Smith

"That was certainly one of the best heats I'd surfed for a while, but I know that I have to forget about it when the comp resumes tomorrow and just go into it grounded."

Local Wade Carmichael will live to fight another day, following power-punched heat in fifth round. Carmichael continued to nail his trademark snaps in the last heat of the day to earn his spot as the last remaining Central Coast local Men left in the draw.

Wade Carmichael Wade Carmichael using local knowledge on his way to the Finals. - WSL / Ethan Smith

"I can't believe this comp got waves like this and I'm stoked everyone got to see it," said Carmichael. "If the swell drops tomorrow, then we could see a day of awesome beachies for the final. Either way, it should be pretty entertaining."

Kirra-Belle Olsson will join Carmichael as the last remaining local Woman left in the draw, nailing a variety of backside snaps to claim victory in her third round heat and cemented her place in the quarterfinals a near perfect 9.60 wave score.

Kirra-Belle Olsson Kirra-Belle Olsson was another local standout on Day Four of competition. - WSL / Ethan Smith

"This is the biggest confidence boost," said Olsson. "This event has coincided with some of the best waves we've had for the last six or so months, so it's a great feeling to have a heat out there. In these types of waves I'd say my backhand is definitely my strong point. Hopefully, they keep coming tomorrow".

Driven by the desire to keep making a living from surfing heats, Claire Bevilacqua went to town at Avoca Point, mixing up her moves with innovative aerials and traditional snaps. Bevilacqua notched up two excellent scores in the eight point range to take the win ahead of Hawaiian Dax McGill who finished in the runner-up spot.

Claire Bevilacqua The viewing platform at Avoca is a good one for surf-fans - WSL / Ethan Smith

"This has been a crazy three weeks for events in NSW," said Bevilacqua. "This whole swell actually caught me off-guard as I didn't pack any bigger boards, but I certainly feel at home in powerful waves like this. At the moment I'm just really happy to be back surfing competitively, I want it to be my full-time job again as nothing really compares to making heats to pay the bills."

Alyssa Lock used her knowledge of her local Snapper Rocks break to drive her to victory in round three. The goofy-footer executed a barrage of giant backside snaps to take the victory over more seasoned competitors and earn her spot in the quarters where she'll face former Championship Tour surfer Dimity Stoyle.

Alyssa Lock Alyssa Lock channeling her inner-Snapper Rocks. - WSL / Ethan Smith

"This wave on the right tide reminds me a little bit of home and makes me not feel so bad for missing one of the best swells of the year that's happening up there at the moment," said Lock. "Taking a win in that heat definitely boosts my confidence a little bit. All these Girls in this event a super talented and have solid heat strategies, so to get a win feels great."

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