Pe'ahi, November 11, 2016.

The fact that Maui-born Billy Kemper has won two Pe'ahi Challenge events in monstrous surf back-to-back is mind-blowing, but when you consider some of his other feats, you start to understand just what sort of a multi-talented young surfer the Hawaiian is.

He has had a 2010 Ride of the Year nomination, a 2013 Wipeout of the Year nomination and the 2014 Ride of the Year nomination. He has also had a decent run or two in the Triple Crown of Surfing and has competed in the Pipe Masters.

Then he went on to win the Pe'ahi Challenge in 2015 and showed the world just how important serious training is, and how much local knowledge counts. Although he calls the North Shore of Oahu home at the moment, he was brought up on Maui and has logged many massive hours at what is arguably the world's most perfect, big-wave right-hander.

To cap off his run of excellent results, Kemper went and won the Pe'ahi Challenge in 2016 in huge, challenging surf. Proving he's a master in that very wild and dangerous back yard, he drew off the bottom and pulled into this thundering barrel during the event for a 10-point ride, and a very strong entry into for the Billabong Ride of the Year Award. The man trains like a Trojan, eats like a champion, is highly competitive and doesn't have a nervous vein in his body.

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