- WSL / Fred Pompermayer
- WSL / Fred Pompermayer

San Francisco surfer Ben Andrews has found fame with this Maverick's monster, having it nominated for a Billabong Ride of the Year Award, as well as a Biggest Paddle Award, and it's totally worthy of both.

Maverick's had a fairly lackluster year last year, but on those few days that it went into the big realm, a few waves made their way into the Big Wave Awards, including a wave by Chris Mashburn -- but more on that later.

In this wave, although Andrew's positioning and momentum are both perfectly pitched, it doesn't negate the fact that he had to put everything into it to get to the bottom. That big round step halfway down, the semi-recovery, and the blistering bottom-turn all reflect a surfer full of commitment and determination, as well as oodles of self-belief.

When it comes to getting over the ledge, belief in oneself could quite possibly be the most important factor. It is of no matter how fine-tuned your equipment may be or how fit you are. If you don't have the absolute belief that you know how to do this thing and ride to the safety of the channel, you're not going to be able to get over the ledge. When even a split-second hesitation could be disastrous, confidence is what will make a surfer go the one extra stroke needed.

Andrews exudes self-confidence on this wave, from takeoff, to drop, and bottom turn.

The Biggest Paddle Award is a hotly contested and at times bitter divisive category, but Andrews' wave is a top runner.

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