Mullaghmore Head, Ireland March 15, 2017.

Many years ago the castle at Mullaghmore was famous for more than the massive and outrageous waves that broke in the bay that it looked over. Lord Mountbatten, 1st Viscount of Burma, owned the castle, and he lived there with pride, no doubt watching these massive waves on occasion. In 1979 his boat was booby-trapped by the IRA and blown up with him onboard.

These days all the action takes place around the corner from the harbor, at the most fearsome cold-water big wave spot called Mullaghmore. It was watched over by the Bundoran locals for many years, as they considered just how it was to be surfed, and how they were going to be able to get into those beasts.

When they finally puzzled together the jetski program all those years ago, one of the greatest big wave spots opened up for the world to see and they weren't disappointed. Mullaghmore became famous for giant waves, huge barrels and terrifying wipeouts. It was on the map. Conor Maquire came with it, and was recognized for a wave out there in 2015.

As well as a nomination for the 2017 Big Wave Awards here:

The 23-year-old Bundoran local is always out at Mullaghmore when it's going, and this wave is a dreamy big tube with all of the elements so akin to Ireland - with the clouds, the golden light, the huge lip falling alongside a small surfer - all the things we have become accustomed to over the years of big Irish slabs.

Conor is not the sort of guy to get perturbed about those big slabs, with his haunts being the 15 minute stretch between Bundoran and Mullaghmore - a stretch of reefs and slabs from beginner to advanced set-ups, including the legendary Pmpa. Mullaghmore is the natural step-up for anyone who wants to surf and get barreled in the big stuff.

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