The Right, Western Australia May 16, 2016.

Brad Norris is one excitable guy. At the tender age of 26 he has been towed into some of the craziest waves ever seen at The Right and a few other bombs in Western Australia, but he's got more than that. The man has paddled into Jaws and Waimea, as well as the notorious Cow Bommie, but feels more compelled to go the tow on the big slabs.

"The speed, the way the wave unfolds, the sounds the waves make," said Brad of tow surfing in an interview with Tracks Magazine. "It's so addictive." Working as a plumber, Brad has enough flexible time to get out there when the waves are pumping, and constantly finds himself drawn to The Right, the best slab around.

There was no way we were going to have the Best Tube section in Big Wave Awards without a decent slew of The Right barrels anyway. Pound for pound The Right must be one of the most horrifying yet rewarding waves on the planet. Talking about planet, there are actually so few surfers who have the experience, skill and courage necessary to surf this wave with its deadly inside reef exploding raw and exposed in between every set. With the possibility of a big mistake resulting in a rough shod ride over this reef in some very deep and exposed waters, there are always very few takers on the real days.

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