Nazaré, Portugal, October 24, 2016.

With all respect, because respect is due, it's a pretty unique experience watching a British surfer nominated for this award. While they have always had the Cribbar set-up at Newquay, and a couple of grand days at Porthleven, they don't really feature that much in global big wave exploits. Until recently that is. Suddenly the British big-wave scene is happening, with surfers like Tom Lowe, Andrew Cotton and Adam Amin sneaking into the scene and setting it alight.

This wave at Nazaré almost looks enticing, and everything about Tom's approach is spot-on. His technique is perfect, and for a split second it looks like this wave is heading for one of the great paddle-in waves of the year. Then things quickly change, and the whole situation goes "Pete Tong" as they say in British rhyming slang.

After some confident paddling on a good-looking board, without any warning at all Tom takes a huge jump into the pit as one ferocious wave descends on his head. For consequence, this must be one of the top contenders for the TAG Heuer Wipeout of the year award.

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