After an amazing day of competition on Saturday, competition at the 2017 Rip Curl Pro Argentina returned to El Yacht where plenty of swell delivered punchy righthanders in the 4-6 foot range (1.5-2 meters) for the final day of the Men's QS 1500 and Women's QS 1000 at Playa Grande, Mar del Plata.

Rip Curl Pro Argentina 2017 Thiago Camarão - WSL / Maximiliano Martinucci

It was pretty obvious from the start of the Men's QS 1500 that Thiago Camarão (BRA) and Krystian Kymerson (BRA) were destined to face each other in the Final. Both were by far the standout surfers of the event, earning high scores in all of their heats. But at the end of the day, only one surfer would come out on top as Camarão defeated Kymerson by a score of 16.00 to 9.35. With his victory, Camarão took home 1,500 WSL Qualifying Series ranking points and the lead on the WSL South America Regional rankings.

"It feels amazing to win because I never thought that I'd make it to the Final," said Camarão from the winner's podium. It was the fifth consecutive time that a Brazilian surfer won the Rip Curl Pro Argentina. "I thought it was a great decision to move the contest over to El Yacht because we caught incredible waves these last two days. This was a very memorable event and I'm sure many people won't forget it. I look forward to coming back next year."

Rip Curl Pro Argentina 2017 Rip Curl Pro Argentina 2017 - WSL / Maximiliano Martinucci

Despite winning the contest, Camarão remained humble and bestowed plenty of accolades on his opponent Kymerson.

"In my opinion, he (Kymerson) was the best surfer of the event," Camarão continued. "He got a lot of high scores in all his heats, so I just tried to stay calm and focus on my own surfing because I knew he could overtake me at any time during the Final."

Kymerson was explosive in every round of competition, displaying a large variety of modern maneuvers and powerful backside carves before being defeated in the Final.

Rip Curl Pro Argentina 2017 Krystian Kymerson - WSL / Maximiliano Martinucci

"I'm so stoked to have made this Final with Thiago because he's a really good friend of mine and we had the chance to surf so many good waves here in Argentina," stated Kymerson. "I wasn't even going to come to this event, so I'd like to thank all my friends and family for psyching me up because this result was a complete surprise to me."

In the first ever Women's QS 1000 Final of the Rip Curl Pro Argentina, Dominic Barona (ECU) defeated Melanie Giunta (PER) by a score of 15.15 to 9.65. Barona's aggressive style matched the overhead waves at El Yacht by blowing apart solid righthanders with consecutive backside snaps to earn the event's inaugural victory.

Rip Curl Pro Argentina 2017 Dominic Barona - WSL / Maximiliano Martinucci

"It feels great to win this event," said Barona. "I left Ecuador with this goal in mind and I had a great time here in Mar del Plata. We caught some great waves and it was an honor to surf against all of the girls here. Everyone surfed so well. I'd like to thank all of my friends and family for their support and I hope to continue doing well in the next contest."

Barona now leads the WSL South America Women's rankings with 1000 points, while Meanie Giunta sits in 2nd with 750 points.

In a battle between two of the most talented surfers to come from Peru, Melanie Giunta defeated Anali Gomez by a slim margin of 13.10 to 12.75 in Heat 2 of the Semifinals.

Rip Curl Pro Argentina 2017 Lucia Cosoleto - WSL / Maximiliano Marinucci

In Heat 1 of the Semifinals, Lucia Cosoleto, the last Argentinian surfer left in the competition, got off to a quick lead after scoring an 8.50 and a 6.40 on her two best rides. But once again, Dominic Barona pulled off another last second victory after earning a 9.50 on three incredible backside blasts to secure a spot in the Finals.

"I'm stoked with a 3rd place finish here," declared Cosoleto, who clinched the runner-up position in the WSL South America Junior rankings. "This is my best result at a QS event. Of course I would've liked to have made it to the Finals, but I committed a priority mistake and it cost me the heat. It's okay because it's something I learned and I'll be better prepared next time."

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