- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane

With an underlying emphasis on winning heats -- and events -- in the pursuit of a World Championship, there's rarely time during a Tour stop to practice, let alone apply ongoing training techniques while engaged in competition. But that didn't stop World Champ Tyler Wright from seizing an opportunity to improve during her convincing Quarterfinal victory over Sage Erickson.

"I've been using what we've been working on," said Wright, referring to work with coach Glenn "Micro" Hall. "It's all just more practice, and it's actually a perfect practice day today."

Practice Makes Perfect for Wright
The reigning World Champ is back on top of the Jeep Leaderboard all by herself.

Wright used her inconsistent, wave-starved Quarterfinal heat against a red-hot Erickson to dig into specific strategies identified by herself and Hall. "At a wave like Cloudbreak on a day like today it's all in the details, being smart and playing the right tactics, and Sage schooled me yesterday," she said. "The way the ocean is running today you've gotta adapt, rather than having a structured plan I just rolled with it and found a slower wave that allowed me to do what I needed." In the end, Wright was able to win a crucial heat with world title implications while posting a total heat score of just 12.50, proving once again that devil well and truly is in the details.

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