- WSL / Ed Sloane
- WSL / Ed Sloane

In honor of the Outerknown Fiji Pro, unofficial island ambassador and Outerknown founder Kelly Slater has released a series of short clips featuring the GOAT himself. In the series, he reflects on everything from his long love affair with Fiji to the philosophy behind his clothing brand, and from the way we take care of the oceans to the magic of Cloudbreak.

Below, behold a few of our favorites.

Kelly Slater's First Time
In this clip from Outerknown, the 11x World Champ on how he fell in love with the heart-shaped island.

Everyone remembers their first time. In Kelly Slater's case, his first trip to Tavarua kicked off a two-decade love affair that's still going strong. Of course, like any love, Kelly's romance hasn't been all roses and heart-shaped candy. He's won in Fiji more than anyone, but also had his fair share of tough losses. So far this year, as of Round Three he's still in the game. He'll face rookie Connor O'Leary when the contest resumes.

Slater's Fishing-Nets-Turned-Fashion
Kelly Slater on Outerknown's recycled materials.

These trunks save lives -- or at least, the lives of fish, for starters. And that start is an important one for the health of every living thing in the food chain. In this clip, Slater discusses why Outerknown shirts are made of econyl -- also known as recycled nylon, which is the stuff that fishing nets are made.

Kelly Slater on Cloudbreak
In this Outerknown clip, the four-time event winner waxes poetic about the star of the OK Fiji Pro.

When all the trophies are won, and triumphs have come and gone, there's only one star of the Outerknown Fiji Pro. In this clip, Slater considers the year-round quality of the wave, and why it is so irresistible to the world's best surfers.

It's Not OK: Slater on Keeping Oceans Clean
In this clip in honor of World Oceans Day, Kelly Slater reflects on the surprising places where trash piles up.

Any surfer who has stepped off the beaten path knows what Kelly's talking about here. The surprising piles of garbage in paradise; the way even the most beautiful places in the world can suffer from neglect.

Outerknown's Magic Labels
Kelly Slater on his clothing brand's philosophy of packaging -- and how its dissolving labels came to be.

If you stopped believing in Santa Claus around the time that Jimmy Carter was in office, it's time to find your inner child and believe again. Because these OK labels are magic, indeed, disappearing when submerged in water. It's part of the Slater philosophy: Little things matter. Go ahead, give it a try...and see who might be back in your chimney come December.

Tune in for the next call of the Outerknown Fiji Pro Monday at 7:00 a.m. FJT -- Sunday at noon PST. Looking for OK's Fiji collection? Find it here.

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