Highlights: Wednesday at the Outerknown Fiji Pro

Highlights: Wednesday at the Outerknown Fiji Pro

After surviving the carnage of Round Three Tuesday, surfers in Round Four were able to breathe a tiny sigh of relief knowing that they had nothing to lose in the non-elimination round. Of course, Round Four wins matter a great deal, propelling the winners directly past Round Five and into the Quarterfinals, which is worth an extra 1200 points on the Jeep Leaderboard. On Wednesday, Matt Wilkinson, Michel Bourez, Connor O'Leary and Bede Durbidge made some serious headway with crucial wins.

Artist: Crooked Colours
Song: Flow

Round Four Results
Heat 1: Matt Wilkinson, 14.27; Julian Wilson, 13.93; Ian Gouveia, 10.94
Heat 2: Michel Bourez, 15.73; Leonardo Fioravanti, 10.77; Italo Ferreira, 8.50
Heat 3: Connor O'Leary, 13.66; Joan Duru, 13.50; Joel Parkinson, 10.83
Heat 4: Bede Durbidge, 11.10; Stu Kennedy, 5.54; Sebastian Zietz, 4.67


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