Mick Fanning, Tyler Wright Explore Wilds with WildArk

Mick Fanning, Tyler Wright Explore Wilds with WildArk

Between a few days of solid surf at the Corona Open J-Bay, Australian World Champs Mick Fanning and Tyler Wright took some time away from the water to focus on having fun with some new, furry friends.

The two spent three days with [WildArk], a South African non-profit organization that, according to Mark Hutchinson, Founder of WildArk, works to "secure parts of identified green belts around the world to protect the rich biodiversity of these areas as a way of conserving wildlife while creating research and experience opportunities for people to reconnect with nature and the become inspired to protect it."

Fanning is already among the group's ambassadors, but both he and Wright soaked up lessons about how the organization does its work, why the work is paramount and, best of all, how to enjoy the process.

"The focus of this trip was to showcase the different aspects of South African conservation, both the opportunities and challenges," said Hutchinson. "We hoped to take Mick... and the group on an educational, fun and inspiring journey, meeting the people on the ground who are doing what they can for wildlife.


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