J-Bay 2017: Toledo Redefines How to Surf Supers

J-Bay 2017: Toledo Redefines How to Surf Supers

The tides of history are shockingly predictable from a distance. Innovation is often the spark for revolutions, and in the wake of the turmoil they create, long after new powers take hold, the pace of progress slows as they look to tighten their grip. But change can never be stopped. Eventually something new always comes along to disrupt the existing order, and Filipe Toledo's jaw-dropping 10-point ride at the Corona Open J-Bay was that moment. Toledo simply shattered the judges' scale with his remarkable ride. Under current rules, there was no way to award him what he truly deserved for his back-to-back alley-oops. Nothing like that has ever been seen in competition, and nearly a week later the impact was still radiating. Here's how pundits and peers were reacting.

Filipe get the contest's first ten! Filipe Toledo's going to need a few more fingers if he keeps things up. - WSL / Steve Sherman

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