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Carlos Muñoz Makes the Connection

Every time Costa Rican Carlos Muñoz hits the water in a Qualifying Series event he carries the weight of an entire nation's expectations on his shoulders. He was, at one time, the embodiment of the pura vida surfing life. It's a heavy burden, creating a legacy and fulfilling the dreams of your countrymen. Probably too heavy for one man to bear. But with some soul searching, lifestyle changes, and the emergence of another Costa Rican pro -- Noe Mar McGonagle -- Muñoz is once again surfing like the man pegged to become the first Tican to make the Championship Tour. For the second day in a row at the Vans US Open of Surfing - Men's QS, he was the form surfer of the day. His 9.00 typifies the type of speed and spontaneity that put him on the radar to begin with. Only now he surfs for himself and his family first -- everything else comes after that.

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