- WSL / Laurent Masurel
- WSL / Laurent Masurel

Conditions were ideal to wrap up Boardmasters today at Fistral, with clear blue skies and small but clean one-to-two foot waves breaking gently and giving longboarders plenty of opportunities to showcase their talent.

Women's Final

Both surfers kept extremely busy right from the buzzer, and Justine Dupont got off to a slightly better start than Lindsay Steinriede with two medium scores on the board.

Things got interesting at the halfway mark with both surfers dropping an excellent score to tighten the race for the Boardmasters title. Justine quickly backed it up with another good wave to distance herself from Lindsay a little bit more.

Justine Dupont (FRA) .Boardmasters Jeep 2017 Justine can pretty much do what she wants on any given board, and that's a rare skill. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Eventually her lead was enough and Justine walked away with the Boardmasters, Jeep Women's Longboard title at Fistral. This result pushed Justine up to second on the European rankings, giving her the opportunity to qualify for the World Longboard Championships next season.

"I am so stoked to be able to do the World Longboard Championships next season again," Justine said. "My former sponsor kept me from doing them these last few years and I really missed it. It's a different brand of surfing that I really enjoy, you can play with your board as much as you play with the waves and it makes it really exciting, even in small waves."

A former World Champion, Lindsay had the best single score of the final but came up just short of finding the necessary backup to overtake the French surfer. This second place marks the American's best result so far this season.

Lindsay Steinriede (USA) .Boardmasters Longboard 2017 Lindsay belts a season-best runner-up result in Newquay. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"I was happy to make the final, Alice has been surfing great and I was stoked to get that win in the semis," she said. "Congrats to Justine, she came back to the longboard and it's cool to see. I loved coming here, it's beautiful when the sun comes out. I'm also a huge dance fan, so we paid a little visit to the music festival and it was great fun!"

Alice Keeps her Crown Another Year

Alice Lemoigne failed to advance through her semifinal matchup with Lindsay, but her consistency was enough to clinch her fourth European Women's Longboard title. The Reunion Island surfer won the opening event in Caparica and placed equal third in Gaia and today, to secure the coveted regional crown.

"I'm really really happy to keep the European title again this year," she said. "I work really hard to improve my surfing and fitness so that's a testament that all these efforts pay. Winning the title once is one thing but to defend it is really much harder."

Alice Lemoigne (REU) .Boardmasters Jeep 2017 Alice has been absolutely dominating the longboarding scene these past few years. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Alice also placed equal fifth in the opening event of the World Longboard Championship in Papua New Guinea earlier this year and has set her eyes on the final event in Taiwan to try to belt an international win.

"I surf a lot and analyze videos with my coach Vincent Guelfi," she continued. "That plus some work on balance, stretching and basically everything that can help get better and stronger. I need to improve on heat strategy as well, I lost my priority on a bad call in that heat and I feel like this cost me the win."

Men's Final

Antoine Delpero dropped the hammer early on with a solid 8.83 as his opening score, going up against younger brother Edouard in the final once again. But Antoine didn't stop there and kept building with incredibly stylish and technical surfing for a 9.10 soon after and a perfect 10 point ride - the only one of the whole event, short and longboard included - to seal the deal.

"I was lucky all the waves came to me," he said. "That was an awesome final and thankfully it went my way, but Edouard is such a great surfer it could have easily been the other way around. We keep pushing each other to get better and better and I think without him I might not be surfing competitively still, so I really appreciate all the experiences and heats we share together."

Antoine Delpero (FRA) .Boardmasters Jeep 2017 Antoine's established himself as one of the best longboarders on the planet. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

Antoine's win at Boardmasters also came in the form of a fifth European Longboard title. He gave a heartfelt speech on stage thanking all the public who came to support the longboarders on finals day, as well as the event organizers and sponsors who have a long history of promoting their discipline.

"I'm super happy to get the title again and it's a great motivation boost for the second and last stage of the World Championships in Taiwan at the end of the year," he added.

Edouard had a stellar run through the whole Boardmasters event, but unfortunately failed to elevate his surfing to the level needed in the final to beat his brother.

Edouard Delpero (FRA) .Boardmasters Jeep 2017 Edouard couldn't wipe a smile off his face even after a deceiving final. - WSL / Laurent Masurel

"I won the last three heats we surfed against each other, but today he was just too good," he stated. "I'm a little bit gutted because I've won relatively low-consequences heats, but when the title is on the line he always gets me! Nevertheless we both cherish all these moments we share, and especially here in Newquay it's always great to come compete and enjoy the festival."

With Boardmasters, Jeep Men & Women Longboard completed today, the European LQS rankings are final with Top 5 as follows:

1 - Antoine Delpero
2 - Emilien Fleury
3 - Edouard Delpero
4 - Jack Unsworth
5 - Alberto Fernandez

1 - Alice Lemoigne
2 - Justine Dupont
3 - Emily Currie
4 - Kathleen Barrigao
5 - Francesca Rubegni

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