Highlights: Finals Day at Hello Pacitan Pro

Highlights: Finals Day at Hello Pacitan Pro

Indonesian prodigy Rio Waida won the 2017 Hello Pacitan Pro QS 1,000 event in pumping waves at Watu Karung in East Java. In its first year as a WSL event, Watu Karung didn't disappoint with barreling, 3-to-6 foot waves on offer throughout the competition window.

In a day dominated by the youngest competitors in the field, Waida came up against 15-year-old Kian Martin in the final match-up. After a phenomenal performance in the Semifinal, Martin was unable to get in a groove while Waida began to drop excellent scores from the get-go. With a solid heat total of 15.25 (out of a possible 20) posted early in the exchange, Waida sat back while Martin tried to chase, something he was unable to do before the final buzzer.

Rio Waida Rio Waida on his way to the win of his career. - WSL / Tim Hain

"I'm so happy to win this event," Waida said. "It has such an amazing field so to make a few heats was special but to win it definitely exceeded my expectations. We have been lucky with the waves we have had this week, it has been absolutely pumping; this just makes the win even better."


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