- WSL / Steve Sherman
- WSL / Steve Sherman

11x World Champion Kelly Slater is now two weeks into his recovery from surgery to repair the broken bones in his foot. The injury has thrust the greatest surfer of all time into a rare state of stillness, at least by Kelly Slater standards. His recovery will be long and while we're likely to see him in a jersey again it may not be anytime soon. The break is giving Kelly plenty of time to ponder his past, present and future. He opened up about all three in a recent episode of The Wire Podcast.

Kelly show up at the comp with his boot cast. Slater's 2017 plans changed in the blink of an eye after getting injured at J-Bay. Three weeks later, he's had time to reflect. - WSL / Steve Sherman

If you've got time to kill this is a fun listen. The subjects range from Slater's time-killing habits to his most passionate interests: surfing, golf, MMA, health and nutrition. There are also some funny stories, like Bill Murray doing G-Land in the 80s, and serenading Kelly with Beach Boys songs while playing golf. Hiking into Barra de La Cruz in 1999 with Jack Johnson and Taylor Steele. How Bob Hurley helped get him a huge raise, and some fond Dane Reynolds memories.

Slater's been wandering the globe for more than 35 years now. He's got enough stories bottled up in his brain to fill a few volumes. So when he sits down to share, it's always entertaining. Enjoy.

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