Drafting off the huge success of a similar, on-going activation with the Jamaican Surfing Association, the Gudauskas brothers are looking to expand their goal of getting surf craft into the hands of young people who otherwise might not have access to boards of all shapes and sizes. For the month of September, their Positive Vibe Warrior foundation has a new campaign, called Can't Steal Our Vibe: A Surfboard Drive for South Africa.

As of today, boards are being collected at shops and offices around California (check here for an updated list of drop spots). Do you have any old surfboards sitting around, collecting dust in the corner? Have you been getting nagged to clean up the clutter? Well, now's your chance to pass along some stoke to someone less fortunate and free up some of your space at the same time.

"The donated surfboards will be going to benefit Waves For Change and the Surfers Not Street Children organizations in South Africa that provide safe spaces, caring mentors and a provision of weekly surf therapy sessions to give vulnerable children the skills to cope with stress, build healing relationships and make positive life choices."

The Positive Vibe Warriors -- the Gudauskas brothers' charitable foundation -- is an organization dedicated to raising funds for communities' ocean education outreach and youth water safety programs. The PVW never underestimate the power of a simple gesture, an encouraging smile, or how doing good can provide inspiration in a world often dominated by negative news.

For more info or the entire list of donation locations, please visit: www.positivevibewarriors.com

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