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Jadson Andre Gets Another Win Against Kolohe Andino

Jadson Andre used solid surfing, relentless energy and good tactics to eliminate San Clemente local favorite Kolohe Andino in Round Two at the Hurley Pro at Trestles. It's the second time in three events that Jadson has ended things early for Andino. And while Jaddy made all the right moves, Andino's waiting game backfired. He held steady in the lineup for a large set wave that never materialized. Andre surfed well and buzzed around the lineup, but it was not a tidy heat for the Brazilian, he fell on a number of rides when he could have consolidated his lead. For Andino, Jadson's 12.93 total heat score was hardly insurmountable, yet he left his comeback until too late in the heat. Needing a 6-point ride on the buzzer, Andino came up just short.

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