- WSL / Liam Robertson
- WSL / Liam Robertson
Presentation Mitch and Jacob on the podium for the first time in 2017. - WSL / Liam Robertson

Western Australian surfer Jacob Willcox has claimed the first-ever Phillip Island Pro Men's QS1,000 today at the Penguin Parade (Summerland Bay) on Victoria's Phillip Island. With a continued large swell, the event was held at the protected corner of the Penguin Parade which provided clean right-hand point break waves for the finals of the men.

Willcox, was a late entry into the event and surfed through the opening rounds with ease impressing judges and spectators. The stylish goofyfooter was dominant on the final day scoring heat totals of 16.00 in the Semifinal and 17.00 in the Final to best Mitch Parkinson.

Jacob Willcox Jacob Willcox and his razor-sharp backhand attack was well suited to the righhand point break at Penguin Parade. - WSL / Liam Robertson

"It's good to get another QS win," said Willcox. "I have had a pretty rough year with results so it was nice to make the Final and win. I spent a month at home after the Europe leg and worked on a few things. It was nice to see it pay off in a competition. Phillip Island definitely reminds me of home. It's really raw with lots of power in the ocean."

Parkinson scored an impressive heat total of 14.50 in the Final but could not find the scoring rides to beat Willcox.

Mitch Parkinson Mitch Parkinson throwing heat during the Final but it wasn't enough to overcome a rampaging Willcox. - WSL / Liam Robertson

"It was a really fun event for me. I haven't really done many QS's this year but started doing a few in the past few months and have found myself on a bit of a roll. The last time I was in Victoria was the Junior Titles seven years ago and I came second then as well, so hopefully next year I can take the next step. I love it here because the waves come out of deep water and there is lots of power behind it all."

Willcox and Parkinson now head to the Port Stephens Toyota NSW Pro that begins on Thursday in NSW.

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