Following the excellent results of European surfers in Australia, we caught up with France's rising talent Maud Le Car, whom netted an excellent 3rd place at the Hurley Australian Open and a 9th at the most recent Newcastle Surfest.

Congrat's Maud on your recent two results !
Yes, thank's, I'm super happy. It's a great way to start the season and build confidence for the coming events.

How did you spend your off-season ?
I've trained a lot in the Caribbean this past winter and have just spent 10 days in Hawaii before coming here to Australia. I didn't have boards when I got here, the ones I ordered never made it, and thankfully Eric Arakawa made me one last minute, turns out it's a bomb !

"I now know that hard work pays off and I can see a potential qualification way down the line."

Have you changed anything from last year ?
Yes, most definitely. I've completely changed the way I approach competitions and have done a lot of thinking over my past season. The way I'm looking at it now is it's just a game, and I'm here to have fun more than anything.

In Manly I really just went out there, no pressure, whereas last year I used to overthink everything and paddle out with no motivation whatsoever. This time around I just wanted to show that I've improved, have fun and enjoy the challenges of surfing against the best in the World.

And if that wasn't enough, I do also have the best coach I could possibly have. I'm traveling with my boyfriend and pro surfer Joan Duru, who's been helping me a lot. He has a lot of experience in competition and knows exactly how to talk to me. He's been helping me figure out where to sit in the lineups amongst other things.

That first event in Manly you eliminated some serious competition and almost took out a 2-time World Champ, that must have felt great ?
Yes, so good. I surfed all my heats without even thinking of the results and I was having so much fun ! I'm feeling a little bit rattled about the semi against Carissa, I fell on my last wave just cause I was so impatient to hit the second turn and that could have been a good score, maybe even the winning wave. But she got a last wave too and did the job. I'm stoked cause she came to tell me I surfed well and I really was flattered.

- WSL / Will Hayden-Smith
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- WSL / Will Hayden-Smith
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Then you kept that fire alive and went on to Newcastle..
That was a hard event, I had some tough heats but I try not to get impressed by the names anymore. I lost in the fifth round and I did a lot of priority mistakes, this is all new for me.

And now what ?
I'm already back in France, really happy and more motivated than ever ! I now know that hard work pays off and I can see a potential qualification way down the line. I know the road is long and tough, so I'm back to work, I'm going to try and confirm in the next events. I'm off to Puerto-Rico in a few days to train and see my family cause the season will be long, then Peru for the next QS event.

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