- WSL / Tim Hain
- WSL / Tim Hain

You've probably heard that there's a men's QS 1,500 and women's QS 1,000 happening this week called the Krui Pro in Indonesia -- but, like most, you may not know exactly where it is.

Krui Line-up Lefts for days. - WSL / Tim Hain

Krui is a small stretch of quiet coastline on the southern tip of Sumatra. Sumatra is a large island in western Indonesia. It's the largest island located entirely in Indonesia (after Borneo, which is shared between a few countries) and the sixth-largest island in the world.

Sumatra is world-famous for it's diverse wildlife such as the Sumatran ground cuckoo, the Sumatran tiger, the Sumatran elephant, the Sumatran rhinoceros, and the Sumatran orangutan - and there's world-class waves too.

Krui Krui is located in Sumatra, Indonesia. - WSL

Getting to Krui can be a tricky, most competitors traveled from Bali, where you catch a one hour flight to Indonesia's capital city, Jakarta. From there you catch a 25 minute flight to Bandar Lampung, then you get into a car. The long and windy roads bend and weave through jungle and small towns from Bandar Lampung to Krui and can take up to six hours. But when you arrive you're greeted by perfect surf and uncrowded lineups.

Krui Line-up Krui's dreamy set up. - WSL / Tim Hain

"The trip is long, you catch a few flights then you have to do that long drive, " said Indonesia's Oney Anwar. "But once you get here you forget about the journey pretty quickly. It's so remote and beautiful that the trip is so worth the effort. There's the wave that we run the competition at, but there are other waves all over the place so you just cruise and explore and you'll have a great trip."

The Krui Pro will be webcasting all the action live from April 16-20.

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