- WSL / Kelly Cestari
- WSL / Kelly Cestari

Finals day at the men's Corona Open J-Bay arrived fast and furious for a fourth, back-to-back day of non-stop heats. And at the end of it all, the person who won it was the same as who set Supers on fire last year: Yes, Filipe Toledo, the man who changed the game on the righthand point pushed the envelope of progress yet again, all the way to another trophy. With his win at Jeffreys Bay, he joins just two other people in earning two straight victories. Of course, he wasn't the only one lighting up the lineup. Here's a look at some of the other standouts from the event.

Final: Toledo Wins at Supertubes for Second Year in a Row

Filipe Toledo's Winning Wave at J-Bay
During his Final against Australian rookie Wade Carmichael, the Brasilian delighted fans (and judges) with this combo, scoring an 8.50.

Final: Wade Carmichael Reaches Final in J-Bay

Wade Carmichael's Final Fight
The Australian earns an 8.00 during the Final against Filipe Toledo at the Corona Open J-Bay.

Semifinals, Heat 2: Filipe Toledo Still Charging

Filipe Toledo's 9.57 vs. Kanoa Igarashi
It wasn't the wave so much as Toledo's high-speed, technical surfing that earned him a huge score in his Semi against Igarashi.

Quarterfinals, Heat 4: Kanoa Igarashi Advances to Semis

Kanoa Igarashi Continues to Climb in J-Bay
The 20-year-old earns an 8.00 to overthrow Sebastian Zietz in the Quarterfinals of the Corona Open J-Bay.

Quarterfinals, Heat 3: Filipe Toledo Dominates Supertubes

Filipe Toledo: "I'm Ready to Fight, Let's Do This"
The former event champ defeats Gabriel Medina in the Quarterfinals, taking hold of the Jeep Leader Jersey at the Corona Open J-Bay.

Supertubes delivered for the third day of the Corona Open J-Bay - Men's. While high scores dropped regularly throughout the day on Wednesday, both World No. 1 Julian Wilson and World No. 2 Filipe Toledo will be moving on to the Quarterfinals after standout Round 4 performances. In addition, Conner Coffin turned heads after winning his three-man heat against J-Bay legends Joel Parkinson and Jordy Smith. Kanoa Igarashi is still in the mix after going to battle against heavy hitters Gabriel Medina and Griffin Colapinto. Finals day could possibly run tomorrow if conditions line up. The Corona Open J-Bay - Women's will kick off the following day - July 6. Here are some of the best waves so far from a memorable day in South Africa.

Round 4, Heat 4: Young Guns Go To Battle in Round 4, Igarashi Comes Out On Top

Kanoa Igarashi Cruises to J-Bay Quarters with 9.67
Enjoying something of a resurgence at J-Bay, Igarashi surfed the life out of this pumping gem in Round 4 for the heat win.

Round 4, Heat 3: Filipe Toledo Flows Down the Line for Big Score

Filipe Toledo: Round 4 Fireworks
The World No. 2 earned an impressive 9.5 to get the edge over Adriano de Souza and Sebastian Zietz in epic conditions at Supertubes.

Round 4, Heat 1: Conner Coffin Comes Out Victorious Over J-Bay Legends

Conner Coffin: "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This"
The 24-year-old from California overcame both Jordy Smith and Joel Parkinson in Round 4 of the Corona Open J-Bay.

Round 3, Heat 12: Gabriel Medina Goes Nearly Perfect

Gabriel Medina Puts On Round 3 Show in J-Bay
Current World No. 4 Gabriel Medina earns a 9.3 to take a Round 3 heat win at the Corona Open J-Bay.

Round 3, Heat 11: Rookie Griffin Colapinto Eliminates Wildcard Mike Wright

Griffin Colapinto Lights Up July 4th in J-Bay
The Californian eliminates wildcard standout Mikey Wright with a 17.70 heat total in Round 3 of the Corona Open J-Bay.

Round 3, Heat 10: Kanoa Igarashi Surges Through Round 3

Kanoa Igarashi Kicks Into New Gear
Igarashi hooks in for an 8.83 and a Round 3 heat win over Brasilian rookie Willian Cardoso at the Corona Open J-Bay.

Round 3, Heat 4: Frederico Morais Reigns

Frederico Morais Takes Down Kolohe Andino
The Portuguese surfer found this gem toward the end of his Round 3 matchup to turn the heat and snatch the win from the American.

Round 3, Heat 2: Conner Coffin Continues to Climb

Conner Coffin Takes Down Tour Veteran Ace Buchan
With an impressive 8.67 -- and a claim to cap it off -- the Californian eliminated the Australian in Round 3 at J-Bay.

Round 3, Heat 1: Joel Parkinson Looking Relaxed

Joel Parkinson: "That Barrel Felt Like It Stood Still"
The Australian is keeping the dream alive, earning a near perfect 9.37 to advance out of Round 3 in Jeffreys Bay.

Round 2, Heat 11: O'Leary Earns Highest Heat Total

Connor O'Leary Gains Traction
The goofyfooter earns one of the highest heat totals of the day with a 17.16 (8.43 + 8.73) to edge out Ezekiel Lau at Supertubes.

Round 2, Heat 10: Mikey Wright, Still Going

Mikey Wright Continues His Ascent in South Africa
The wildcard isn't slowing down, earning an 8.27 and eliminating Jesse Mendes in Round 2 of the Corona Open J-Bay.

Round 2, Heat 9: De Souza Advances to Round 3

Adriano de Souza Unleashes for Round 2 Win
After a rough start to the season, the Brasilian let out some of his frustrations today to earn an 8.5 and a Round 2 heat win at J-Bay.

Round 2, Heat 8: Wade Carmichael Edges Out Joan Duru

Wade Carmichael Capitalizes in Round 2
The rookie earns an 8.17 to take down Joan Duru, who was left out the back with little to work with at the Corona Open J-Bay.

Round 2, Heat 4: Jordy Smith Going Strong

Jordy Smith Eliminates Kelly Slater During J-Bay Battle
The South African had home court advantage this morning and eliminated the 11x World Champ in the dreaded Round 2 heat.
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