The Surf Ranch Pro is quickly approaching and Championship Tour (CT) surfers have been putting in their time, in between events, at the wave pool in preparation. Coming off the birth of her second son, newly announced wildcard Bethany Hamilton is playing catch-up.

But judging from her past wildcard performances, the Kauaiian won't need much time. Hamilton took a five month break from surfing this year when pregnant with her son, meaning she's been itching to get back in the water. The Surf Ranch Pro will be her first event back.

Hamilton in her own words:

Bethany Hamilton's Tube Technique at Surf Ranch
She came hoping to refine her backside tube riding skills, but with her family there too, she got a lot more.

Stamina at the Surf Ranch:

I've envisioned competing here a lot and having training days is so essential because the wave is so long. I came here for the first time about a month ago, which was three months after the birth of my second son Wesley.

I surfed as much as I could and by the end of the afternoon I would try to do a bottom turn and my legs would just give out. It was definitely a wake up call that I need to build more muscle if I want to give myself a chance. But going through childbirth - I don't even fully comprehend what my body went through with that, so I'm giving myself some grace time.

Hamilton at SR Hamilton with her first born son Tobias. - WSL / Poor Boyz Productions

Game Plan:

Just free surfing here is nerve wracking because you don't want to fall and you want to make the most of every wave. If you look at snowboarding on a half pipe - they have their run, they know what their getting but they also have access to it all the time.

For surfers, we have a handful of days to prepare here so I'm looking forward to getting this place dialed. It's really hard not to hold back because you don't want to fall off early.

Sport's Progression:

It's going to be really cool, over the years to watch people pushing the progression of the sport here. I'm pumped to be a part of the beginning stages. Eventually I'll be sitting on my couch watching it unfold. For now, I'm just working hard with what I got.

Watch the Surf Ranch Pro live daily September 6-9. For ticketing information visit wslsurfranchpro.com.

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