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Updated Saturday, August 25th

EVENT WINDOW: August 27th - September 2nd

Brief Overview:
Continuous swell all week with distinct pulses around Tuesday, Thursday and possibly next weekend. Winds are generally light in the mornings with cross-shores from the northeast in the afternoons.

There is a complex area of low pressure stretching across the North Atlantic with centres off Greenland and just west of Scotland. The Greenland centre is forecast to deepen and track east in the next few days, and a third system will form south of Iceland by the middle of the week. The westerly airstream on the southern flank of these systems will generate consistent swell. High pressure persists over the Azores and a weak low sits over Iberia, meaning northeast trades over local areas from time to time.

MSW Forecast for Pantin 2018 MSW Forecast for Pantin 2018 - WSL / magicseaweed.com

On Monday expect average or good-quality swell from the northwest with wave heights around four feet or so. Winds are cross-shore from the northeast, light most of the day but picking up to moderate gusting fresh later.

On Tuesday a more solid pulse of swell arrives from the northwest, mixed with some short-period north-northeast swell. Wave heights pick up to five feet or more by afternoon. Conditions are windless in the morning, with light perhaps moderate onshores from the northwest in the afternoon.

Wednesday sees a drop in wave height to around three feet, but with a slightly more lined-up swell and almost windless conditions until mid-afternoon, when light to moderate onshores kick in from the north.

That second pulse of swell arrives on Thursday from the north-northwest, pushing wave heights to six feet or so. Winds are cross-shore from the northeast, light in the morning, moderate or fresh in the afternoon.

The swell drops to around three or four feet on Friday and becomes mixed with short-period northeast swell. Winds are moderate or fresh cross-shores from the northeast for most of the day.

The swell continues to drop at the beginning of the weekend, but then picks up again as a third pulse arrives perhaps late Saturday or early Sunday. Expect fresh northeast winds at first, moderating later.

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