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Finals day was completed Sunday at the Surf Ranch Pro. Carissa Moore earned a spot in the Finals with her first two waves of the Qualifying Round (8.70 + 8.90) and celebrated her first event win of the season. Six-time World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore, secured the second place position and Lakey Peterson finished in third.

Gabriel Medina was a clear favorite from the start, and took the win for his second event victory in a row with a combined heat total of 17.86 (9.13 + 8.73). Current World Champion, Filipe Toledo, came in a close second and 11x World Champion, Kelly Slater, landed in third.

The CT will now be hosted in Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France for Stop No. 9 on the Championship Tour. Filipe Toledo and Stephanie Gilmore still sit at the top of the Jeep Leaderboard. Watch the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France live October 3-14.

Women's Qualifying Round, Left #1, Right #1: Carissa Moore

Carissa Moore Unleashes at Surf Ranch Pro
The 3X World Champion put up some of the highest scores of the women's Qualifying Round with an 8.70 and an 8.90.

Women's Qualifying Round, Left #1: Lakey Peterson

Surf Ranch Pro: Lakey Peterson Solidifies High Score
The current World No. 2 is looking unfazed by the pressure, earning a 9.23 during the Qualifying Round of the Surf Ranch Pro.

Women's Qualifying Round, Right #1: Caroline Marks

Caroline Marks Comes Out Firing in Lemoore
Despite it being her first event at the Surf Ranch, the rookie earns an 8.33 to back up her previous 8.10 on day 2.

Women's Qualifying Round, Right #1, Left #2: Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore Earns Her Place in Top 4
The current World No. 1 earns a strong combined heat total of 16.26 (7.03 + 9.23) to end the 2nd day of the Surf Ranch Pro - Women.

Women's Qualifying Round, Left #2: Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons Starts Day 2 with a 7.83
Sally opens up the second day of the women's Qualifying Round with two high scores and combined heat total of 14.03.

Men's Qualifying Round, Left #1: Gabriel Medina

Gabriel Medina's Kerrupt Flip Nabs High Score (9.30)
The Brazilian claimed the number one seed after run two, with a combined score of 17.50 (9.30 + 8.20).

Men's Qualifying Round, Right #2: Kanoa Igarashi

Kanoa Igarashi Brings His Air Game
Kanoa locked in an 8.93 early into the action at the Surf Ranch Pro in Lemoore, CA.

Men's Qualifying Round, Right #2: Sebastian Zietz

Sebastian Zietz Secures 8.67 on Final Wave
Zietz puts up one of the bigger scores of the Men's Qualifying Round on day 1 of the Surf Ranch Pro.

Men's Qualifying Round, Right #2: Griffin Colapinto

Griffin Colapinto Ends First Day Strong
The rookie earns an 8.87 in the Qualifying Round at the Surf Ranch Pro, in Lemoore, CA.

Men's Qualifying Round, Left #3: Owen Wright

Owen Wright Secures Spot in Finals
Owen Wright finished off the Qualifying Rounds with an 8.7 - one of the biggest scores of the day at the Surf Ranch Pro.

Men's Qualifying Round, Left #3: Yago Dora

Yago Dora Answers Back with 9.0 in Lemoore
The young Brazilian ends the Qualifying Round with a huge score to back up a 6.07 for a combined total of 15.07 at the Surf Ranch Pro.

Women's Final Round, Left #2, Right #2: Carissa Moore

Epic Final: Carissa Moore Takes First Surf Ranch Win
The three-time World Champion increases previous score line with two new excellent scores for a combined heat total of 17.80 (8.60 + 9.20).

Women's Final Round, Left #3: Caroline Marks

Caroline Marks Pulls Air on Final Wave at Surf Ranch
The rookie lands an impressive air reverse for a 6.2 during the Final of the Surf Ranch Pro.

Men's Finals, Right #2: Filipe Toledo

Toledo's Triple Air at Surf Ranch
The Brazilian small wave specialist nails three airs to earn an 9.80 wave score at the 2018 Surf Ranch Pro.

Men's Finals, Right #3: Julian Wilson

Julian Wilson Performs Under Pressure in Lemoore
Wilson put everything on the line on his last wave of the competition, earning an 8.80 for a huge slob grab air at the Surf Ranch Pro.
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